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Learning Centers

Brush up on basics, work toward your degree or advance your career at our community-based learning centers or through internet, video or cable TV technologies.

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International Travel

The University of Hawaiʻi recognizes international study and work experiences are integral to students faculty and staff by broadening their perspectives on intercultural diversity and relationships. It is also recognized…

Graphics Standards

Seal and Signature | Business Cards and Stationery | Alternate Marks | Images

University of Hawai‘i Style Guide

In general, preferred University of Hawaiʻi style follows The Chicago Manual of Style. A good dictionary will answer most questions. This style guide puts forth the preferred UH style on…

Holomua Developmental Center Renovation

The college renovated and transformed the Holomua Development Center, which was modeled after successful features of the Mālama and STEM Centers. Renovations were coordinated with the development of new active,…


Get to know Maui College! Areas of excellence, fast facts, latest news, location.


Read the admissions requirements of the campus to which you are applying by visiting the campus’ online admissions office. Applicants to any of the ten campuses of the University of…


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Eugene Bal III

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