Undergrad Research Opportunities at HIMB

HIMB does not have an undergraduate research internship program. However, individual faculty sometimes have space in their labs for undergraduate students. If you are interested in working in a lab at HIMB, here are some things you should know…

With the exception of a few grant-funded programs, most research opportunities for undergraduate students at HIMB are unpaid (e.g. volunteer) positions. Also most research faculty require a commitment of at least 3 months. It is generally understood that an academic year internship will be part-time, and a summer internship would be full time. Please see the list of faculty below that may have openings for undergraduate students and determine which align with your interests. The questionnaire at the bottom of this page is for information purposes only, it is not an application for an internship. If an appropriate faculty member has space and feels you are a good match for their program, you will be contacted by them independently for further information and/or an interview. If you are not contacted, it is likely because the faculty you would like to work with do not have space in their laboratories.

Greta Aeby
Coral, fish and coralline algae diseases in Hawaii and the Indo-Pacific
Two month commitment required.

Whitlow Au
Acoustic recording of snapping shrimp activity.
Six month to one year commitment required.

Megan Donahue
Spatial population dynamics; marine community ecology; habitat selection; scaling of ecological processes.

Erik Franklin
Hawaiian reef fish life history project
One semester commitment required; prefer 1-year commitment and junior standing at time of application.

Gordon Grau
Environmental physiology and fish endocrinology, including environmental estrogens and osmoreceptor function; sustainable aquaculture.
One year commitment preferred.

Mary Hagedorn
Cryopreservation of corals.
One semester or summer commitment required.

Steve Karl
Molecular ecology and conservation genetics of corals.
One semester or summer commitment required.

Florence Thomas
Physiological ecology, bio-mechanics, ecosystem function, and reproductive ecology in marine invertebrates, algae, seagrass beds and coral reefs.
One year commitment required.

Rob Toonen
Dispersal and recruitment of coral reef invertebrates; population genetics & speciation of marine invertebrates
One academic year, or full-time summer commitment required.

Download the Undergraduate Research Questionnaire. Please fill out and return the questionnaire to Dr. Judy Lemus.


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