Faculty Projects and Publications

Jennifer K. Schultz

Affiliate Research Faculty
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Research Interests

  1. Conservation genetics of the Hawaiian monk seal
  2. Ecology, evolution and management of marine organisms
  3. Marine phylogeography and seascape genetics
  4. Ecosystem based management



Schultz JK (in review) Population genetics of the monk seals (Genus Monachus): a review. Aquatic Mammals.

Kittinger JN, Blodgett JH, Hunt TL, Jiang H, Maly K, McClenachan L, Schultz JK, Wilcox BA, Pandolfi JM (in review) Historical reconstruction reveals recovery in Hawaiian coral reefs. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Schultz JK, O’Malley JM, Kehn EE, Polovina JJ, Parrish FA, Kosaki RK (in press) When populations fail to recover in a fully protected marine reserve. Journal of Marine Biology.

Schultz JK, Baker JD, Toonen RJ, Harting AL, Bowen BW (in press) Range-wide genetic connectivity of the Hawaiian monk seal and implications for translocation. Conservation Biology.

Schultz JK, Becker BL, Johanos TC, Lopez JU, Kashinsky L (in press) Dizygotic twinning in the Hawaiian monk seal. Journal of Mammalogy.

Marshall AJ, Brauning R, Schultz JK, Kennedy MA, Slate J, Gemmell NJ (in press) Development of a predicted microsatellite map of the pinniped genome – wider applicability to Carnivora. Molecular Ecology Resources.

Toonen RJ, Andrews KR, Baums IB, Bird CE, Concepcion GT, Daly-Engel TS, Eble JA, Faucci A, Gaither MR, Iacchei M, Puritz JB, Schultz JK, Skillings DJ, Timmers M, Bowen BW (in press) Defining boundaries for ecosystem-based management: A multispecies case study of marine connectivity across the Hawaiian Archipelago. Journal of Marine Biology.

Schultz JK, Marshall AJ, Pfunder M (2010) Genome-wide loss of diversity in the critically endangered Hawaiian monk seal. Diversity 2: 863-880.

Randall JE, Schultz JK (2009) Pictichromis dinar, a new dottyback (Perciformes: Pseudochromidae) from Indonesia. International Journal of Ichthyology 15: 169-176.

Schultz JK, Baker JD, Toonen RJ, Bowen BW (2009) Extremely low genetic diversity in the Hawaiian monk seal (Monachus schauinslandi). Journal of Heredity 100: 25-33.**
**Awarded student paper of the year, runner-up.

Schultz JK, Feldheim KA, Gruber SH, Ashley MA, McGovern TM, Bowen BW (2008) Global phylogeography and seascape genetics of the lemon sharks. Molecular Ecology 17: 5336-5348.

Randall JE, Schultz JK (2008) Cirrhitops mascarenensis, a new species of hawkfish from the Mascarene Islands, southwestern Indian Ocean. Smithiana 9: 15-20.

Schultz JK, Pyle RL, DeMartini E, Bowen BW (2007) Genetic connectivity among color morphs and Pacific archipelagos for the flame angelfish. Marine Biology 151: 167-175.

Schultz JK, Randall JE (2006) Ostorhinchus leslie, a new coral-reef cardinalfish from American Samoa. Aqua 12: 1-10.


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