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Pauley Summer Program images - Student Projects
(Please click on thumbnails to view full-size images)

evac1_small.jpg (2224 bytes) Everting the stomach of a hammerhead shark pup stomachsuck_small.jpg (2224 bytes) Collecting fluid from the gut for pH analysis
megan2_small.jpg (2269 bytes) Readying the tank for an electroreception experiment megan1_small.jpg (2937 bytes) Watching hammerhead shark pups as they orient to an electric field
lizzie1_small.jpg (2265 bytes) Dissecting the olfactory epithelium out of a sandbar shark (Carcharhinus plumbeus) lizzie2_small.jpg (2206 bytes) The size of the olfactory epithelium may be a way of determining olfactory ability in sharks
respirometry1_small.jpg (2347 bytes) This swim tunnel is used to study metabolic rates in small sharks respirometry2_small.jpg (2133 bytes) Close-up of a neonatal whitetip, Triaenodon obesus, in the flume
Chris Lowe assists a student in suturing a UV filter to a stingray for a suntanning experiment These rays remain still during the procedure

Field trip to the Bishop Museum

Students peruse the ichtyhology collection at the Bishop Museum Students are able to get a first hand look at some of the specimens
Collections Manager Arnold Suzimoto gives the summer students a demonstration This student is excited to see a frill shark, Chlamydoselachus anguineus


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