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Images from the Pauley Summer Program - Week 3
(Please click on thumbnails to view full-size images)

Tiger Shark Fishing Effort II: August 1, 2000

sandbar-boat_small.jpg (1748 bytes) We often catch small tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) on our longlines tagging-boat_small.jpg (2210 bytes) John New applies an ID tag to a small tiger shark
surgery1_small.jpg (1977 bytes) Brad Wetherbee implants a small acoustic transmitter inside this tiger shark tagging-boat2_small.jpg (2075 bytes) Close-up of transmitter implantation
tiger-lateral_small.jpg (1795 bytes) Sharks go into a coma-like state, or tonic immobility, when turned on their backs tiger-lateral2_small.jpg (1580 bytes) Underwater view of transmitter implantation
tiger-head_small.jpg (1763 bytes) A close-up of the head of the tiger shark while it is in tonic immobility tiger-anterior_small.jpg (1439 bytes) The tiger shark swims away after release
tiger-dorsal_small.jpg (1277 bytes) A dorsal view of the shark as it heads for the bottom tiger-posterior_small.jpg (1056 bytes) This shark has been tagged and released
erin_small.jpg (2834 bytes) Large pelagic fish like this kahala (amberjack) sometimes take our baits.  This one was dead on the line prior to pulling it in


Dr. Wetherbee describes the distributions of different shark species in the Pacific Some shark families have species that are very small in size
Dr. Heist gives his introductory lecture on molecular markers in sharks Protein analysis can be a powerful tool for studying elasmobranch evolution
Jerry Crowe from the Waikiki Aquarium talks to the summer program students   Explaining the different modes of reproduction in elasmobranchs


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