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Images from the Pauley Summer Program - Week 5
(Please click on thumbnails to view full-size images)

Deep Sea Shark Fishing

A 10-foot sixgill shark, Hexanchus griseus, that was caught on our 400 meter line A close-up of the sixgill's mouth
The sixgill shark has bright green eyes, due to a reflective layer of pigment called a tapetum lucidum The shark has received an external ID tag and is ready for release


Electrophysiology experiments focused on visual abilities in both juvenile hammerhead and sandbar sharks Checking the point of insertion for the recording electrode
A student monitors the visual impulses presented to this juvenile sandbar shark

Going Away Party

Dr. Holland addresses the summer program students on their last night Drs. Lowe and Wetherbee announce student awards
Dr. Lowe awards a certificate of completion to a summer program student Drs. Wetherbee, Lowe, and Holland received leis from the students in appreciation of their hard work


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