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Research conducted in the HIMB Shark Lab

      Dr. Holland and his graduate students are involved in a variety of research activities. Current projects of the Holland Lab are listed below:

Current Students

Tim Clark: Population structure, habitat use, and feeding ecology of the manta ray, Manta birostris

Nick Whitney: Movements, mating behavior, and genetic population structure of whitetip reef sharks, Triaenodon obesus.

Toby Daly-Engel: Population ecology of the sandbar shark, Carcharhinus plumbeus.

Yannis Papastamatiou [CV]: Digestive physiology and feeding ecology of blacktip reef sharks, Carcharhinus melanopterus.

Jon Dale: Ecology and life history of the brown stingray, Dasyatis lata.

Melanie Hutchinson


Recent Graduates

Ling Ong: Habitat utilization of parrotfishes in marine protected areas

Pedro Afonso-Santos: Ecological effects and benefits of marine protected areas (MPAs)



Gayla Ivey: Short-term movements and habitat utilization of Octopus cyanea in Kaneohe Bay

Kanesa Duncan: Hammerhead population genetics, hammerhead growth and tagging

                           Hammerhead High School Research Site

Tim Fitzgerald: Behavioral electrosensitivity of juvenile sandbar sharks

Steve Kajiura : Electroreception in hammerhead sharks

Carl Meyer: Effectiveness of marine reserves for conservation of coral reef fish

Aaron Bush: Feeding ecology of scalloped hammerhead pups in Kane'ohe Bay



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