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Pauley Summer Program 2000: Elasmobranch Biology

Dr. Holland welcomes students to Coconut Island Dr. Lowe introduces students to Kane'ohe Bay Dr. Wetherbee discusses distributions of different shark species in Hawai'i and the Pacific
A tiger shark, Galeocerdo cuvier, following tagging and release A 10-foot sixgill shark, Hexanchus griseus, that we caught on our deep line A deepwater stingray, Plesiobatis daviesi, caught at 400 meters
This hammerhead pup was tagged during our population survey in Kane'ohe Bay Surgically implanting an acoustic transmitter in the peritoneal cavity of a tiger shark Measuring a stingray, Dasyatis latus, that will be tagged and tracked

Summer Program resources:

Week 5 - Electrophysiology, deep sea sharks, and farewell party
Student Images - Research projects and the Bishop Museum
Stingray Tracking Images - Movements of Dasyatis latus in Kane'ohe Bay
Week 4 Images   - Deep sea shark fishing, molecular genetics & the Waikiki Aquarium
Week 3 Images - Tiger shark fishing & lectures
Week 2 Images - Deep sea shark and tiger shark fishing
Week 1 Images - Hammerhead pup tagging
Updated schedule - lectures and fieldwork (as of 8/4/2000)

      The Edwin W. Pauley Summer Program in Marine Biology is a rigorous research and training program which draws faculty and students from around the world.  Each summer, a new topic is chosen to be the focus of that program's research.  This year's topic is elasmobranch biology, and the program is coordinated by Dr. Kim Holland.

Pauley Summer Program 2000 Faculty include:

Dr. Kim Holland, HIMB, Principal Investigator
Dr. John New, Loyola University of Chicago
Dr. Chris Lowe, California State University at Long Beach
Dr. Ed Heist, Southern Illinois University

Dr. Brad Wetherbee, Apex Predators Program - NMFS
Jerry Crowe, Waikiki Aquarium

The 2000 Pauley Program participants

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