Information for Visiting Researchers and Students

Living and Working on Coconut Island

Courtyard with Pauley Lab and Classrooms.

Courtyard with Pauley Lab and Classrooms.

Outside view of the main lab, showing two of our research vessels.

Outside view of the main lab, showing two of our research vessels.

The Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology has a longstanding tradition of hosting researchers and students from other academic institutions. There are a variety of research facilities on the island, as well as several housing options.

In order to conduct research at Coconut Island, you must first reach an agreement with the HIMB faculty member with whom you would like to work. For a listing of HIMB faculty and their research interests, visit the “Faculty” and “Research Projects” page.

Please read the following carefully:

Submitting a Request for Use of HIMB Facilities

If you have already contacted an HIMB faculty member about conducting research on Coconut Island and would like to submit a request for housing or research facilities, please download the PDF forms below. Instructions for submission can be found on the form.

  1. Visitor Waiver PDF
    For all non-University of Hawai‘i affiliated visitors.
    (Please contact your HIMB sponsor to submit a visitor waiver form prior to arrival.)
  2. Housing Application PDF (updated 11/04/2015 )
    For researchers/students wishing to stay on Coconut Island during their research term
  3. Research Facilities Application PDF (updated 09/01/2010 )
    For researchers/students wishing to use HIMB facilities during their research term.

Other Information

Visiting researchers wishing to incorporate SCUBA diving into their research programs should contact the University of Hawai‘i Diving Safety Program for information on certification procedures. The University of Hawai‘i is an AAUS-certified institution.

The Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology is NOT a degree granting institution. HIMB only provides research facilities for researchers and students of the University of Hawai‘i. For information on becoming a student at the University of Hawai‘i, please direct your requests to either the Department of Zoology or the Department of Oceanography.

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