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Requesting Access to the Facility

Restricted Access Policy
Requesting Access to the Facility
Requesting Animal Holding Space at the Facility
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12 Hour Rule

Access into the animal biomedical facilities should be requested by completing the AVS Security Access Request Form. Please return the completed form to Animal and Veterinary Service at Kakaako BSB 122 or Fax: 692-1960.

After we receive the completed security access form, the veterinary staff will contact you to give you access to the vivarium orientation PowerPoint on Laulima. Upon completing the orientation PowerPoint, contact the veterinary staff to schedule a proctored test on the information covered. You must get all of the questions correct to pass and you may use the power point as a reference. If you do not pass the first time, you must wait at 7 days before retaking the test-giving you time to review the power point again. Upon passing the test, a physical walk through with animal care staff is scheduled for you to review the information and get acquainted with the vivarium. You are then given an access code to your animal rooms and authorization for vivarium access will be sent to security. Contact JABSOM security to schedule a time to program your access card so that you can enter the main vivarium door.

Everyone submitting a Security Access Form must be listed as personnel on a current/approved IACUC protocol.

***48 hour notice is required if you wish to attend***
***Walkthroughs may be given in a group setting depending on individuals availability***
***Separate walkthroughs are given for each facility***
***Refresher orientation power-points and exams are required annually***

Please also view the Training section of this site for information on training requirements for facility access.