Animal and Veterinary Service

Animal Transfers

Transfers Between UH Protocols
Transfers Within the State of Hawai'i
Transfers Between Institutions Out of State
Policy on Movement of Animals in Public Places

Transfers Between Institutions Out of State

(This does not apply to animals received from approved US commercial vendors. Please see the section on Ordering Animals)

  • PIs transferring animals between institutions out of state must have an active approved IACUC animal protocol appropriate for the animal transfer. To obtain IACUC protocol information visit the IACUC website.
  • Contact the Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development to determine if there are any intellectual property rights requirements for the animal transfer. The Research Compliance will verify that this step has been completed.
  • Complete an Animal Transfer Form T-1. Fax the completed LAS Animal Transfer Form to (808)692-1960 , Attention Diana. Diana will forward the form on to the Regulatory Compliance Office for their review. It will then be forwarded to the IACUC Compliance Office for review as well. Forms missing critical information will be returned to the PI without processing
  • Pending UH Veterinarian's approval, LAS will schedule any movement of animals. Animals shipped before receiving approval may be refused by the receiving institution.
  • Rodents from other institutions will be quarantined a minimum of 8 weeks after arrival to determine their health status before entry into the LAS colony. Quarantine and sentinel animal fees will be charged back to the Principal Investigator (PI).