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Animal Transfers

Transfers Between UH Protocols
Transfers Within the State of Hawai'i
Transfers Between Institutions Out of State
Policy on Movement of Animals in Public Places

Transfers Within the State of Hawai'i

Transferring animals Within the State of Hawai'i requires principal investigators have an active approved animal IACUC protocol appropriate for the animal transfer. Please visit the IACUC website to view the IACUC protocol requirements.

Complete an Animal Transfer Form T-1. Fax the completed Animal Transfer form to (808)692-1960, Attention Attention Diana. Forms missing critical information will be returned to the PI without processing.

At least annually update signatures from Hubert Olipares, Biosafety Officer, in "For Official Use Only" for similar shipments of in state transfers.

Please allow at least two business days to schedule a transfer

Laboratory Animal Service personnel will contact you regarding the details of the transfer.