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Ricardo Trimillos

Ricardo Trimillos is a professor of Asian studies and ethnomusicology and his purview is broadly based expressive arts in their social environment. Trimillos has been a consultant to a number of governments—including the former Soviet Union, Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong—in the area of arts and public policy. He has also served as a liaison, bringing indigenous Filipino musicians to national folk festivals in the United States.

Trimillos is a member and/or chair of more than 10 thesis and doctoral committees, and serves as advisor for the annual Asian Studies Graduate Student Conference. He has been an instrumental mentor for many graduate students since beginning his career at UH Manoa. His ability to work with students in a customized way enhances their desire to learn, read and conduct research. He views his role as a Manoa faculty member not only to teach the music of the world’s peoples and guide students to pursue a graduate degree, but to prepare them for a meaningful life.

His publications in three languages include articles on Asian Americans, world music in higher education, cross-cultural implications for the arts, interrelationships of the arts, Philippine ritual and Hawaiian music. He has also advised on writing dictionaries of Philippine music.

Established by the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa Graduate Division in 2005, the Distinguished Graduate Mentoring Award allows graduate students to nominate faculty for excellent mentoring, one of the foundations of outstanding graduate education.

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