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UH Manoa Chancellor’s Citation for Meritorious Teaching 2002-2006 Award Recipients

Manoa’s Meritorious Teachers

Annette Sherry, headshot

Annette Sherry
Department of Educational Technology

Annette Sherry is an associate professor in the College of Education’s Department of Educational Technology. She feels privileged to be contributing to the development of 21st century educators.

Sherry’s courses address applications of research findings on instructional design, as well as teaching and learning with media. In her classroom, she utilizes basic media tools such as still images and cutting-edge technology such as web-based instruction. She is constantly redesigning her courses to incorporate student feedback and emerging trends. Her classes are spirited and vibrant. Sherry paces her lessons and uses various teaching methodologies so that students are always engaged.

As the very first faculty member to volunteer to teach an online class, Sherry became the "pioneer" of distance learning in her department. She has been able not only to restructure courses to fit the delivery mode, but to adapt herself to the different teaching modes imposed by the delivery formats. Sherry designed new course formats for outreach delivery without compromising content and quality of instruction achieved in the "on campus" form.

A colleague said, "In my estimation, the fact is that Sherry is an effective and efficient teacher regardless of the student level and no matter what teaching environment or delivery strategy."

The University of Hawai‘i at Manoa Chancellor’s Citation for Meritorious Teaching recognizes Manoa faculty members who have made significant contributions to teaching and student learning.

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Benjamin Bergen, headshot
Benjamin Bergen
Tep Dobry, headshot
Tep Dobry
Electrical Engineering
Gwen Naguwa, headshot
Gwen Naguwa
Scott Rowland, headshot
Scott Rowland
Geology and Geophysics
C. Alan Titchenal, headshot
C. Alan Titchenal
Human Nutrition


Sun-Ki Chai, headshot
Sun-Ki Chai
Jason Maddock, headshot
Jason Maddock
Public Health Science and Epidemiology
John Rieder, headshot
John Rieder
John Zuern, headshot
John Zuern


Kazi Ashraf, headshot
Kazi Ashraf
Carlos Coimbra, headshot
Carlos Coimbra
Lorrie Wong, headshot
Lorrie Wong


Michael Cheang, headshot
Michael Cheang
Center on Aging
Annette Sherry, headshot
Annette Sherry
Jenny Teruya, headshot
Jenny Teruya
Sylvia Yuen, headshot
Sylvia Yuen
Center on the Family