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UH Manoa Chancellor’s Citation for Meritorious Teaching 2002-2006 Award Recipients

Manoa’s Meritorious Teachers

C. Alan Titchenal, headshot

C. Alan Titchenal
Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences

An assistant professor of human nutrition, food and animal sciences, Alan Titchenal finds himself in the role of translator and learning facilitator. He believes that the first step in learning a science is to learn the vocabulary.

Titchenal developed creative teaching tools, such as crossword puzzles, to help students comprehend the difficult terminology in used his classes. To explain the interrelated nature of concepts, he uses stories or shows a cartoon to illustrate his point.

Titchenal is an advocate of teaching beyond the classroom and does so in various public presentations, including his Honolulu Star-Bulletin column, Health Options.

The University of Hawai‘i at Manoa Chancellor’s Citation for Meritorious Teaching recognizes Manoa faculty members who have made significant contributions to teaching and student learning.

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Benjamin Bergen, headshot
Benjamin Bergen
Tep Dobry, headshot
Tep Dobry
Electrical Engineering
Gwen Naguwa, headshot
Gwen Naguwa
Scott Rowland, headshot
Scott Rowland
Geology and Geophysics
C. Alan Titchenal, headshot
C. Alan Titchenal
Human Nutrition


Sun-Ki Chai, headshot
Sun-Ki Chai
Jason Maddock, headshot
Jason Maddock
Public Health Science and Epidemiology
John Rieder, headshot
John Rieder
John Zuern, headshot
John Zuern


Kazi Ashraf, headshot
Kazi Ashraf
Carlos Coimbra, headshot
Carlos Coimbra
Lorrie Wong, headshot
Lorrie Wong


Michael Cheang, headshot
Michael Cheang
Center on Aging
Annette Sherry, headshot
Annette Sherry
Jenny Teruya, headshot
Jenny Teruya
Sylvia Yuen, headshot
Sylvia Yuen
Center on the Family