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UH Manoa Chancellor’s Citation for Meritorious Teaching 2002-2006 Award Recipients

Manoa’s Meritorious Teachers

Lorrie Wong, headshot

Lorrie Wong
Department of Nursing

Lorrie Wong is an instructor in the Department of Nursing. Educating nurses to meet the challenges health care professionals face in the 21st century is a daunting task.

To be a competent nurse, Wong believes that students must not only acquire a solid scientific knowledge base, technical skills and critical judgment, but they must also develop a personal philosophy for lifelong learning and compassionate care.

She spends many hours researching and updating her lecture material to keep abreast with the rapidly increasing advancements in healthcare. Innovation and creativity are fundamental to keeping students engaged in learning. Her classes are offered as Web-enhanced courses and she introduced a high fidelity human simulator (SimMan) into her curriculum. Wong feels that educating future nursing professionals is a privilege.

The University of Hawai‘i at Manoa Chancellor’s Citation for Meritorious Teaching recognizes Manoa faculty members who have made significant contributions to teaching and student learning.

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Benjamin Bergen, headshot
Benjamin Bergen
Tep Dobry, headshot
Tep Dobry
Electrical Engineering
Gwen Naguwa, headshot
Gwen Naguwa
Scott Rowland, headshot
Scott Rowland
Geology and Geophysics
C. Alan Titchenal, headshot
C. Alan Titchenal
Human Nutrition


Sun-Ki Chai, headshot
Sun-Ki Chai
Jason Maddock, headshot
Jason Maddock
Public Health Science and Epidemiology
John Rieder, headshot
John Rieder
John Zuern, headshot
John Zuern


Kazi Ashraf, headshot
Kazi Ashraf
Carlos Coimbra, headshot
Carlos Coimbra
Lorrie Wong, headshot
Lorrie Wong


Michael Cheang, headshot
Michael Cheang
Center on Aging
Annette Sherry, headshot
Annette Sherry
Jenny Teruya, headshot
Jenny Teruya
Sylvia Yuen, headshot
Sylvia Yuen
Center on the Family