EnviroServices & Training Center, LLC

Gentry Pacific Design Center, Suite 101 E
560 North Nimitz Hwy., No. 23
Honolulu, HI 96817

Tel:  (808) 533-7222
Fax:  (808) 534-0877
E-mail:  3433@sshare.com
WWW:  Not available
Contact:  Mr. Michael Yee

Company Description
EnviroServices & Training Center (ETC) began operations in 1994 as a small, disadvantaged business offering environmental and occupational consulting services. Based in Hawaii, ETC personnel have successfully completed hundreds of projects throughout the Pacific Rim including Hawaii, Kwajalein, Saipan, Guam, and Johnston Island.

Bioremediation Services Provided
1. Engineering consulting
2. Equipment sales/service
3. Analytical services
4. Other: environmental and occupational training and safety; solid and hazardous waste     management; environmental consulting

Bioremediation Technologies Offered
1. Biostimulation
2. Bioaugmentation

Specific Information on Bioremediation Technologies and Services
Treated media includes soil and groundwater (in-situ and ex-situ).

Previous and On-going Bioremediation Projects

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