DST Consulting Engineers

605 Hewitson St.
Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 5V5 Canada

Tel:  1-800-668-4201 or (807) 623-2929
Fax:  (807) 623-1792
E-mail:  dst@dst-engineers.on.ca
WWW:  www.dst-engineers.on.ca

Company Description
DST has provided bioremediation consulting, research and clean-up contracting since 1993. They provide fixed cost, practical solutions.

Bioremediation Services Provided
1. Engineering consulting
2. Contracting
3. Analytical services

Bioremediation Technologies Offered
1. Biostimulation
2. Bioaugmentation
3. Phytoremediation

Specific Information on Bioremediation Technologies and Services
In-situ: injection systems, gravity systems, recovery systems, hydraulic controls, oxygen enhancement, microbial optimization.
Ex-situ: bioreactors, light rapid deployment systems, treatment lagoons, biopiles, landfarming, slurry systems.

Previous and On-going Bioremediation Projects
Information not available.

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