Alken-Murray Corporation

P.O. Box 400
New Hyde Park, NY 11040

Tel:  (540) 636-1236
Fax:  (718) 224-0754 or (540) 636-1770
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Company Description
Provides innovative pollution solutions since 1934. ALKEN CLEAR-FLO is used for microbial waste degraders, bioremediation, aquatic restoration, & biodredging. ALKEN ENZ-ODOR provides odor control for a wide array of situations from animal odor to hydrogen sulfide. ALKEN EVEN-FLO 905 dissolves petroleum sludge into an easy-flowing, burnable form, reducing cleanup labor and time. Other solutions combine chemical and microbial technology. Easy-to-use bench test procedures are used to determine feasibility and correct product selection. Alken-Murray Corp. supply environmental service companies.

Bioremediation Services Provided
1. Engineering consulting
2. Microbes production/distribution/sales
3. Nutrients production/distributio/sales

Bioremediation Technologies Offered

Specific Information on Bioremediation Technologies and Services
Information not available.

Previous and On-going Bioremediation Projects
Information not available.

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