Microbial Insights, Inc.

2340 Stock Creek Blvd.
Rockford, TN 37853-3044

Tel:  (423) 573-8188
Fax:  (423) 573-8133
E-mail:  Not available
WWW:  www.microbe.com

Company Description
Microbial Insights, Inc. is an analytical laboratory dedicated to identifying and characterizing microorganisms responsible for bioremeditaion by using molecular methods such as DNA and PLFA analysis. We analyze the samples directly without the need for culturing or isolation.

Bioremediation Services Provided
Analytical services

Bioremediation Technologies Offered
Information not available.

Specific Information on Bioremediation Technologies and Services
Information not available.

Previous and On-going Bioremediation Projects
Information not available.

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