Microseeps, Inc.

220 William Pitt Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Tel:  (412) 826-5245
Fax:  (412) 826-3433
E-mail:  Not available
WWW:  www.microseeps.com

Company Description
Microseeps Inc. is an environmental laboratory that specializes in testing for monitored natural attenuation(MNA). Microseeps has the capability to analyze vapor and water samples for light hydrocarbons, permanent gases, hydrogen, and a variety of other compounds. The president of Microseeps, Robert Pirkle, PhD, has been working with John Wilson and Frank Chappelle in the development of EPA protocols for the methodologies used in analyzing the constituents of interest in MNA. These laboratory services can be provided in its Pittsburgh-based laboratory or in the field. Microseeps also has a full-service compliance laboratory that is certified in several states.

Bioremediation Services Provided
Analytical services

Bioremediation Technologies Offered
Information not available.

Specific Information on Bioremediation Technologies and Services
Information not available.

Previous and On-going Bioremediation Projects
Information not available.

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