Degrees and Programs by Campus

University of Hawai‘i at Hilo

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting
Administration of Justice
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Administration of Justice
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Agriculture
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Anthropology
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Art
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Astronomy
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Beekeeping
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Biology
Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Business Administration
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Business Administration
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Chemistry
China-U.S. Relations
Master of Arts (MA) in China-U.S. Relations
Chinese Studies
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Chinese Studies
Clinical Pharmacology
Master of Science (MS) in Clinical Pharmacology
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication
Computer Application Development
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Computer Application Development
Computer Science
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science
Counseling Psychology
Master of Arts (MA) in Counseling Psychology
Database Management
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Database Management
E-Commerce Technology & Business
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in E-Commerce Technology & Business
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics
Master of Education (MEd) in Education
Educational Studies
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Educational Studies
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English
Environmental Science
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Environmental Science
Environmental Studies
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Environmental Studies
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Environmental Studies
Equine Science
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Equine Science
Forestry Resource Management
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Forestry Resource Management
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Geography
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Geology
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Geology
Global Engagement
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Global Engagement
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Hawaiian
Hawaiian & Indigenous Language & Culture Revitalization
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Hawaiian & Indigenous Language & Culture Revitalization
Hawaiian Language & Literature
Master of Arts (MA) in Hawaiian Language & Literature
Hawaiian Studies
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Hawaiian Studies
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Hawaiian Studies
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History
Indigenous Language & Culture Education
Master of Arts (MA) in Indigenous Language & Culture Education
Indigenous Language & Culture Revitalization
Graduate Certificate (GCert) in Indigenous Language & Culture Revitalization
International Studies
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in International Studies
Japanese Studies
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Japanese Studies
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Japanese Studies
Kahuawaiola Indigenous Teacher Education
Graduate Certificate (GCert) in Kahuawaiola Indigenous Teacher Education
Kinesiology & Exercise Sciences
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Kinesiology & Exercise Sciences
Liberal Studies
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Liberal Studies
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Linguistics
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Linguistics
Marine Option
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Marine Option
Marine Science
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Marine Science
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Marine Science
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Mathematics
Natural Science
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Natural Science
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Nursing
Nursing Practice
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) in Nursing Practice
Pacific Islands Studies
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Pacific Islands Studies
Performing Arts
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Performing Arts
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Performing Arts
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) in Pharmacy
Pharmacy Studies
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Pharmacy Studies
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Philosophy
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Physics
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Planning
Plant Tissue Culture
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Plant Tissue Culture
Political Science
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology
STEM Research Honors
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in STEM Research Honors
Master of Arts (MA) in Teaching
Teaching English as a Second Language
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Teaching English as a Second Language
Tropical Conservation Biology & Environmental Science
Master of Science (MS) in Tropical Conservation Biology & Environmental Science
Tropical Farming
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Tropical Farming
Women's Studies
Undergraduate Certificate (UCert) in Women's Studies