Degrees and Programs List

Program/Major Mānoa Hilo West Oʻahu Hawaiʻi Honolulu Kapiʻolani Kauaʻi Leeward Maui Windward
Accounting MAcc, BBA, GCert BBA   AAS, CA   AS, CA, CO AAS, CA, CO AS, CA, CO AAS, CA  
Administration of Justice   BA   AS, CO AAS       AAS, CA, CO  
Adult Care Home Operator           CO CO   CO  
Aeronautics Maintenance Technology         AS, CA          
Aging UCert                  
Agribusiness Management UCert                  
Agricultural Technology                   CO
Agriculture   BS   AAS, CA, CO            
Agriculture & Natural Resources                 AAS, CA, CO  
Agripharmatech                   CA, CO
American Studies PhD, MA, BA                  
Animal Sciences MS, BS                  
Anthropology PhD, MA, BA BA                
Apparel Product Design & Merchandising BS                  
Applied Business & Information Technology                 BAS  
Applied Forensic Anthropology     UCert              
Applied Science     BAS              
Applied Trades         AAS, CA, CO          
Architectural, Engineering & CAD Technology       AAS, CA, CO AS, CA          
Architecture DArch                  
Art MFA, BFA, BA BA                
Art History MA                  
Asia-Pacific-US Economic Relations   UCert                
Asian Studies MA, BA                  
Astronomy PhD, MS, BA BS                
Astrophysics BS                  
Athletic Training MS                  
Atmospheric Sciences PhD, MS, BS                  
Auto Body Repair & Painting       AAS, CA AAS, CA   AAS, CA, CO   AAS, CA, CO  
Automotive Mechanics Technology       AAS, CA AAS, CA   AAS, CA, CO AAS, CA, CO AAS, CA, CO  
Beekeeping   UCert                
Biochemistry BS, BA                  
Biological Engineering MS, BS                  
Biology BS, BA BS, BA                
Biomedical Sciences PhD, MS                  
Biomedical Sciences (Tropical Medicine) PhD, MS                  
Biotechnician           CA        
Botany PhD, MS, BS, BA                  
Business             AS, CA, CO      
Business Administration PhD, MBA BBA, UCert BA              
Business Careers                 AAS, CA, CO  
Business Technology       AAS, CA, CO     AAS, CA, CO AS, CA, CO AAS, CA, CO  
Carpentry Technology       AAS, CA AAS, CA   AAS, CA      
Cell and Molecular Biology PhD, MS                  
Chemistry PhD, MS, BS, BA BA                
Chinese BA, UCert                  
Chinese Studies GCert UCert                
Civil Engineering PhD, MS, BS                  
Classics BA, UCert                  
Clinical Pharmacology   MS                
Clinical Psychology GCert                  
Communication MA, BA BA                
Communication & Information Sciences PhD                  
Communication Arts         AS          
Communication Sciences and Disorders MS                  
Communicology MA, BA                  
Community Health Worker           CO        
Computer Application Development   UCert                
Computer Engineering BS                  
Computer Science PhD, MS, BS BS                
Computing, Electronics & Networking Technology         APC, AS, CA          
Conflict Resolution GCert                  
Contemporary Indigenous Multilingualism (Linguistics)   UCert                
Cosmetology         AAS, CA, CO          
Counseling Psychology   MA                
Creative Media BA                  
Culinary Arts       AAS, CA, CO   AS, CA, CO AAS, CA, CO AS, CA, CO AAS, CA, CO  
Culinary Management           APC        
Curriculum Studies (Education) MEd                  
Dance MFA, MA, BFA, BA                  
Database Management   UCert                
Democratic Principles and Social Justice     UCert              
Dental Assisting           CA, CO     CO  
Dental Hygiene BS               AS  
Developmental & Reproductive Biology PhD, MS                  
Diesel Mechanics Technology       AAS, CA AAS, CA          
Digital Media Arts       CO            
Digital Media Production               AS, CA, CO    
Disability & Diversity GCert                  
Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management GCert   UCert              
Early Childhood Education (Education) MEd     AS, CA, CO AS, CA, CO   AS, CA, CO   AS, CA, CO  
East Asian Languages & Literature (Chinese) PhD, MA                  
East Asian Languages & Literature (Japanese) PhD, MA                  
East Asian Languages & Literature (Korean) PhD, MA                  
Economics PhD, MA, BA BA                
Education PhD, MEdT MEd BEd              
Educational Administration (Education) MEd                  
Educational Foundations (Education) MEd                  
Educational Paraprofessional           AS, CO        
Educational Psychology (Education) PhD, MEd                  
Educational Studies   UCert                
Electrical Engineering PhD, MS, BS                  
Electrical Installation & Maintenance Technology       AAS, CA AAS, CA   AAS, CA, CO      
Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology                 AS, CA, CO  
Electronics Technology       AAS, CA, CO     AS, CA, CO      
Elementary Education BEd                  
Emergency Medical Technician           CO        
Engineering Technology                 BAS  
English PhD, MA, BA BA                
Entomology PhD, MS                  
Entrepreneurship BBA, GCert         CO        
Environmental Design BEnvD                  
Environmental Science   BS                
Environmental Studies UCert BA, UCert                
Epidemiology PhD                  
Equine Science   UCert                
Ethnic Studies BA, UCert                  
Ethnobotany BS                  
Exercise & Sport Science           AS, CA        
Facilities Engineering Technology             CO      
Family Resources BS                  
Fashion Technology         AAS, CA, CO       AAS, CA, CO  
Filipino Studies   UCert                
Finance BBA                  
Fire & Environmental Emergency Response         AAS, CA          
Fire Science       AS, CA            
Food Science MS                  
Food Science & Human Nutrition BS                  
Forest Resource Management and Conservation   UCert                
French MA, BA, UCert                  
Gender and Women's Studies   BA                
General Business BBA                  
Geography PhD, MA, BA BA                
Geology BA BS, BA                
Geology & Geophysics PhD, MS, BS                  
Geoscience for Professionals MGEO                  
German BA, UCert                  
Gerontology GCert                  
Global Engagement   UCert                
Global Environmental Science BS                  
Global Health Protection and Security GCert                  
Hawaiian & Indigenous Language & Culture Revitalization   PhD                
Hawaiian Botany             CO      
Hawaiian Culture   UCert                
Hawaiian Language MA, BA, UCert UCert                
Hawaiian Language & Literature   MA                
Hawaiian Studies MA, BA BA   AA AA AA AA AA AA AA
Health Care Administration     UCert              
Health Information Technology               AS, CA, CO    
Heritage Management   MA                
Historic Preservation GCert                  
History PhD, MA, BA BA                
Hospitality & Tourism       AAS, CA, CO   AS, CA, CO AAS, CA, CO   AAS, CA, CO  
Hotel Operations Management           APC        
Human Resource Management MHRM, BBA                  
Human Services       CO AAS, CA, CO     CO AS, CA, CO  
Humanities     BA              
Indigenous Language & Culture Education   MA                
Indigenous Language & Culture Revitalization   GCert                
Indo-Pacific Languages UCert                  
Information & Computer Sciences BA             AS, CA, CO   CO
Information Technology       AS, CA, CO   APC, AS, CA, CO        
Interdisciplinary Studies BA     ATS ATS ATS ATS ATS ATS  
International Business BBA                  
International Cultural Studies GCert                  
International Studies   UCert                
Islamic Studies UCert                  
Japanese BA, UCert                  
Japanese Studies GCert BA                
Journalism BA                  
Kahuawaiola Indigenous Teacher Education   GCert                
Kinesiology & Exercise Sciences   BA                
Kinesiology & Rehabilitation Science (Education) MS, BS                  
Korean BA, UCert                  
Korean Studies GCert                  
Latin America & Iberian Studies UCert                  
Law LLM, JD                  
Law and Society UCert                  
Learning Design and Technology PhD, MEd, GCert                  
Legal Secretary           CO        
Liberal Arts       AA AA AA AA AA AA AA
Liberal Studies   BA                
Library & Information Science MLISC, GCert                  
Linguistics PhD, MA BA                
Long Term Care Nurse Aid           CO        
Machine, Welding & Industrial Mechanics Technologies       AAS, CA, CO            
Management BBA             AS, CA, CO    
Management Information Systems BBA                  
Marine Biology PhD, MS, BS                  
Marine Option UCert UCert                
Marine Science   BS, BA                
Marketing BBA     AAS, CA, CO   AS, CA, CO        
Massage Therapy             CO      
Mathematical Biology UCert                  
Mathematics PhD, MA, BS, BA BA                
Mechanical Engineering PhD, MS, BS                  
Medical Assisting           AS, CA CA      
Medical Lab Technician           AS        
Medical Technology BS, PB                  
Medication Assistant                 CO  
Medicine MD                  
Microbiology PhD, MS, BS, BA                  
Mobile Intensive Care Technician           AS, CA        
Molecular and Cell Biology BS                  
Molecular Biosciences & Bioengineering PhD, MS                  
Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology BS                  
Multidisciplinary Hawaiian Studies   UCert                
Museum Studies GCert                  
Music PhD, MMus, MA, BMus, BA, UCert                  
Music & Entertainment Learning Experience         AS          
Natural Resources & Environmental Management PhD, MS, BS                  
Natural Science   BA   AS AS AS AS AS AS AS
New Media Arts           AS        
Nurse Aide           CO CO   CO  
Nursing PhD, MS, BS, GCert BS                
Nursing Practice DNP DNP                
Nursing, Associate       AS   AS AS   AS  
Nursing, Practical       CA   CA CA   CA  
Nutrition PhD                  
Nutritional Sciences MS                  
Occupational & Environmental Safety Management         AS, CA          
Occupational Therapy Assistant           AS, CO        
Ocean & Resources Engineering PhD, MS                  
Ocean Policy GCert                  
Oceanography PhD, MS                  
On-Line Learning and Teaching GCert                  
Pacific Islands Studies MA, BA, GCert UCert                
Paralegal           AS        
Peace Studies UCert                  
Performing Arts   BA, UCert                
Pharmaceutical Sciences   PhD                
Pharmacy   PharmD                
Pharmacy Studies   BA                
Pharmacy Technician                 CO  
Philippine Language & Literature BA                  
Philippine Studies GCert                  
Philosophy PhD, MA, BA BA                
Physical Therapist Assistant           AS        
Physics PhD, MS, BS, BA BA                
PK3 GCert                  
Planning   UCert                
Planning Studies GCert                  
Plant & Environmental Protection Sciences BS                  
Plant Biology and Tropical Agriculture             AS, CA, CO AS, CA, CO    
Plant Landscaping                   CO
Plant Tissue Culture   UCert                
Political Science PhD, MA, BA BA                
Professional Educational Practice EdD                  
Psychology PhD, MA, BS, BA BA                
Public Administration MPA, GCert   BA              
Public Health DrPH, MS, MPH, BA                  
Public Policy GCert                  
Radiologic Technologist           AS        
Reading K-12 GCert                  
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology         AAS, CA          
Religion MA, BA                  
Renewable Energy and Island Sustainability GCert                  
Resource Management GCert                  
Respiratory Care Practitioner           AS        
Risk Management and Insurance     UCert              
Russian BA, UCert                  
Russian Area Studies UCert                  
Second Language Studies PhD, MA, BA, GCert                  
Secondary Education BEd, PB                  
Sheet Metal & Plastics Technology         AAS, CA          
Small Vessel Fabrication & Repair         AAS, CA          
Social Sciences     BA              
Social Welfare (Social Work) PhD                  
Social Work MSW, BSW                  
Sociology PhD, MA, BA BA                
Sophomore Honors UCert                  
South Asian Studies GCert                  
Southeast Asian Studies GCert                  
Spanish MA, BA, UCert                  
Spanish Language for Careers   UCert                
Special Education (Education) MEd, PB                  
STEM Research Honors   UCert                
Substance Abuse and Addiction Studies     UCert              
Substance Abuse Counseling       CO            
Subtropical Urban Tree Care                   CO
Sustainability Science Management             CA, CO      
Sustainable Agriculture                   CA
Sustainable Construction Technology                 AAS, CA, CO  
Sustainable Science Management                 BAS  
Sustainable Tourism UCert                  
Teaching   MA           AA, CO    
Teaching English as a Second Language   UCert                
Telecommunications & Information Resource Management GCert                  
Television Production               AS, CA, CO    
Theatre PhD, MFA, MA, BA                  
Therapeutic Activity Aid                 CO  
Travel Industry Management MS, BS, UCert                  
Tropical Conservation Biology & Environmental Science   MS                
Tropical Farming   UCert                
Tropical Forest Ecosytems & Agroforestry Management       AS, CA            
Tropical Plant & Soil Sciences PhD, MS, BS                  
Tropical Plant Pathology PhD, MS                  
Urban & Regional Planning PhD, MURP, GCert                  
Veterinary Assisting                   CA
Veterinary Technology                   AS
Welding Technology         AAS, CA          
Women's Studies BA, GCert, UCert                  
Zoology PhD, MS, BS, BA