Disability Services (KOKUA): The KOKUA Program, located in the Student Services Building Room 013 is dedicated to serving students with mental and/or physical disabilities. Contact Ann Ito, Director (808) 956-7511 (V/T), website:

Services include:

  • Disability access counseling.
  • Early Registration: priority and preregistration.
  • Faculty Liaison: with student's approval, arrangements are made with faculty, the campus and community to ensure equal access.
  • Testing Accommodation: Special rooms are available to conduct testing for students with restrictions.
  • Assistive Technology: includes use of computers (PC and Macintosh), closed circuit television, wheelchairs, cassette players, etc.
  • Lecture and lab note taking.
  • Tutoring: short term, subject oriented.
  • Other: bookstore pickup, study facilities, sign-language interpretation, transcription, new student orientation.

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