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International Program   
SMART: Student Media Art Exchange
Focus on Shanghai:
ACM student filmmakers in China's cinema captial

Making a Gift   
UH Foundation ACM Fund

ACM Faculty and Staff

Gregg Ambrosius, Production Manager
E-mail: ambrosiu@hawaii.edu

Kimberlee Bassford, Lecturer
E-mail: kbassfor@hawaii.edu

John Andrew Berton Jr.,
Assistant Professor
E-mail: jaberton@hawaii.edu

Marlene Booth, Instructor
E-mail: boothm@hawaii.edu

Dan Boulos, Assistant Professor
E-mail: boulos@hawaii.edu

Tom Brislin, Chairman
E-mail: tbrislin@hawaii.edu

Lily Ching, Administration
E-mail: lilychin@hawaii.edu

Gerard Elmore Assistant Professor
E-mail: gerard.elmore@gmail.com





Lisette Flanary, Assistant Professor
E-mail: lflanary@hawaii.edu

Vilsoni Hereniko, Professor
E-mail: vili@hawaii.edu

Anne Misawa, Associate Professor
E-mail: amisawa@hawaii.edu
On Leave

Joel Moffett, Associate Professor
E-mail: moffett@hawaii.edu    

Bryant Murakami, Graduate Teaching
E-mail: bryantm@hawaii.edu

Konrad Ng, Assistant Professor
On Leave

Claudia Pummer, Adjunct Lecturer
E-mail: pummer@hawaii.edu

George Wang, Associate Professor
E-mail: wangch@hawaii.edu    



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