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ACM Media Center

The ACM Media Center is where all ACM equipment is checked in and out, and this is also where students can get help with projects or equipment problems.

Student Resources
Below are important documents for student use. Click on the links to download them.

ACM Media Center Access Policies - These are the policies that govern the checkout and proper use of ACM equipment and facilities. All persons wishing to use ACM equipment must first review these policies.

Equipment Certification Tutorials - These are downloadble PDF files to help aide students with the basic operating procedures.

ACM Festival Submission Requirements -Information and forms necessary to clear your project for submission to film festivals.

ACM Releases & Other Forms - Various forms and releases for student productions

Shooting on Campus- To shoot exterior sceens on campus this form must be signed by Campus Security and must be with you while shooting on campus. ACM Campus Exterior Location Release

To shoot an interior of a building during normal Class hours, you must get permission from the Department that has juisdiction over the building.UH Interior location release form.

To shoot after hours or on the weekends you must contact Facilities at : manoawcc@hawaii.edu You must include the building name, dates of shoot, time of shoot and project title. Also include the UH Interior location release form.

In all cases when shooting interiors the student will be liable for all costs associated with the use of said building.

ACM Equipment- A listing of the major equipment for ACM stucents

ACM Equipment Suggestions: A Form fillable suggestion list.

ACM Internships: A listing of possible internships for ACM Majors

We are usually open from 8:30am - 5pm, Monday through Friday, although the schedule varies slightly each week depending on worker availability. Students are encouraged to call ahead and make sure a worker is in before coming to check out or drop off equipment.

The ACM Media Center is located on the second floor of the PBS building at the intersection of Dole Street and University Avenue. The address of the PBS building is:

2350 Dole St.
Honolulu, HI 96822

Contact Info
Phone: (808)956-0750
E-mail: ambrosiu@hawaii.edu

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