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Appropriate (End-of-Life) Care of Residents in Nursing Home Project (ACORN)

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This project was funded by the HMSA Foundation 2002-2004

Through the ACORN project, we offered in-service training in end-of-life care to clinical staff (professional and paraprofessional) at eight long-term care facilities. This curriculum builds on two, 4-part curricula developed by the U.H. COA: Care of the Dying and Care of the Bereaved, funded by the HMSA Foundation and the Project on Death in America, SOROS Foundation, respectively. Facilities receiving training also were helped to develop organizational guidelines incorporating proper assessment of pain and use of cultural/spiritual protocols when caring for dying residents. Participating facilities include:

  • Ann Pearl Care Home
  • Hale Makua (Wailuku and Kahului, Maui)
  • Kula Hospital (Maui)
  • Maluhia
  • Oahu Care Nursing Facility
  • Pali Momi Medical Center
  • Pearl City Nursing Home
  • VA Center for Aging

We tracked changes in end-of-life knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors (KAB) among nursing home personnel, as well as changes in facility policy regarding end-of-life care.

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