Professional Resources

Hawaii Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative (HADI) has partnered with the Department of Geriatric Medicine at John A. Burns School of Medicine, UH and their Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program grant to create a Hawaii Healthcare Professional Dementia Curriculum.

We are grateful to the Healthcare Association of Hawaii (HAH) for collaborating with HADI to offer all of the available modules to their members in the healthcare community. We also thank the Department of Geriatric Medicine for their collaboration, providing expert speakers for the different topics.

If you wish to order any of the dementia presentations for a conference or Grand Rounds, please download the Dementia Curriculum.

The following videos were recorded by HAH and link to their website archive:

Webinars and Video Links

Dr. Aida Wen- Non-Pharmacological Strategies for Addressing Dementia Behavior

Dr. Brett Lu- Pharmacological Management of Dementia-Related Behaviors

Geriatric Depression and Dementia