image of grandma and grandkids

Research Areas

photo of native polynesian woman

Photo Courtesy of R.J. Baker

Health Disparity Research

  • Ethnic comparisons of long-term care health patterns and practices, and long-term care needs and preferences in Hawai‘i. Funded by Administration on Aging

Social Disparity Research

  • Examining poverty rates among middle aged and older adults in Hawai‘i
  • Factors associated with poverty in later life—gender and ethnic comparisons

Long-term Care Literacy

  • From nursing home to home: Examining congruency of knowledge needed for long-term care placements by nursing home discharge planners, elders and their caregivers
  • Investigating the role of race/ethnicity/culture in nursing home discharge planner recommendations for nursing home to home placements

Education and Workforce Research

  • Development, implementation and evaluation of a model research training program for Aging Network professionals. Funded by the State Executive Office on Aging (2010).
  • Migrant long-term care work: A Rising challenge and opportunity for elder care research, policy and practice.
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