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End of Life Project

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The Complete Life is a two-part curriculum developed as part of a larger effort to improve end-of-life care in Hawai`i. Designed specifically for faith communities but utilized among caregivers, professionals, and paraprofessionals working in the field of aging.

The Complete Life offers two 12-session guidebooks, Care of the Dying and Care of the Bereaved. Each provides information and experiential exercises on spiritual, cultural, physical and practical aspects of care. Workshops range from a few hours to a series of afternoons or evenings.

Our Goals:

  • To help individuals gain comfort, knowledge, and skills so they can better care for dying persons, their loved ones, and those who grieve.
  • To help develop a compassionate and skilled ministry for the dying and bereaved through the provision of training and ongoing support to laity, faith leaders, and volunteer caregivers.
  • To increase spiritually and culturally appropriate resources for the dying and bereaved in Hawai`i.

Participants will learn:

  • A basic knowledge of the dying and grieving process.
  • How to recognize pain, advocate for good pain control, and minimize pain and suffering.
  • What to do when death occurs.
  • Practical and meaningful ways to assist the dying and grieving.
  • A broader sense of cultural and spiritual awareness and sensitivity.
  • How to have caring conversations.
  • Options for end-of-life care and support for survivors.
  • To explore their own spiritual values and faith teachings that can provide assistance on the journey of dying and grieving.
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