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Hawai‘i Family Caregivers

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Given the rapidly growing aging population, governments and individuals are looking for creative and affordable solutions to long-term care. A resource in the long-term care system that has long been part of Hawaii’s communities is the family caregiver. The family caregiver is someone who provides informal care and assistance to a family member, friend, or neighbor without any payment or training. Family caregiving is a significant issue and is a vital piece in the long-term care services puzzle. The Family Caregiver Alliance estimates that nationally approximately $200 billion in informal services are provided by family caregivers annually. In recognition of their contributions and to support family caregivers, the State of Hawaii’s Executive Office on Aging and their partners is developing the Hawaii Family Caregivers Network. The Hawaii Family Caregivers Network is the first statewide network made up entirely of family caregivers. If you are a family caregiver to a senior (60 years & older or if you are a grandparent (60 years and older) caring for a dependent grandchild, please join.

What is the Network for?

  1. To provide information to family caregivers on a number of issues, for example, services caregiving tips, legislation, and training opportunities.
  2. To receive information from family caregivers on their caregiving needs and issues, i.e. voluntary participation in surveys, focus groups, individual comments, etc.

What are the benefits of joining?

  • You will have an opportunity to receive information on national, state, and local caregiving issues.
  • You have an opportunity to comment on and provide information on family caregiving issues.
  • If you decide to join the network, you will receive free newsletters on family caregiving issues.
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