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Paraprofessionals in Aging Project (PAP)

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Caring for the younger generations.

Funded by the Office on Aging, County of Hawai‘i

Paraprofessionals make up the backbone of home care. They provide as much as 80% of personal care for the frail elderly and disabled living at home. The goal of PAP is to improve the care provided to older adults in Hawaii County by developing and providing an effective gerontology training program for paraprofessional workers who provide needed home- and community-based services to older adults, including home-delivered meals, homemaker services, chore services, attendant care, assisted transportation, personal care, adult day care, and case management.

Training was provided 4 times in 2002 at various sites on the Big Island. The curriculum includes six modules:

  1. What is Aging? How Old is Old?
  2. Getting Healthy, Staying Healthy
  3. Understanding Disability and Disease
  4. Caregiving Principles and Strategies
  5. Dying, Death and Bereavement
  6. Putting It All Together-Assessment and Communication

Evaluation findings suggest that paraprofessionals improved their knowledge of and attitudes toward aging and eldercare over the course of the training. They also demonstrated mastery of the learning objectives in each of the training’s six modules. In addition, participants in post-training focus groups recognized in themselves more realistic views of older adults, increased ability to separate the older adults from his/her disease, and new skills at talking to and caring for older adults clients.

View the Paraprofessionals in Aging Manual

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