What happens to frail elders and their family caregivers when a case management program closes?

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Cultural themes in health, illness, and rehabilitation among Native Hawaiians

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Perceptions of elder abuse and neglect and help-seeking patterns among Filipino and Korean elderly women in Honolulu

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Options at the end of life


Life and death in Hawaii: Ethnic variations in mortality and life expectancy

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Be akamai, communicate before you medicate: A resource handbook on medications to help protect your health and pocketbook

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Health plan options and prescription discounts available to seniors: A resource handbook for SAGE PLUS volunteers and service providers

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Perceptions of dementia, caregiving, and helpseeking among recent Vietnamese immigrants

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A study of utilization and satisfaction: Implications for cultural design in aging services

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Age-specific Native Hawaiian mortality rates: A comparison of full, part, and non-Hawaiians

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Cultural issues in death and dying

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Life expectancy in the State of Hawaii: 1980 and 1990

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Native Hawaiian mortality in 1980 and 1990 in the State of Hawaii

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Asian and Pacific Island elders: An educational training module

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Growing old in a new age: Faculty guide

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