Care of the bereaved

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Care of the dying

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Distance education in the 21st century: Creating person-environment fit

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Partnering with the community to teach research

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Stroke patient outcomes: Does an integrated delivery model of care make a difference?

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Cultural issues in end-of-life decision making

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Chinese elders’ communication about medicine

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Agbalin a Nasalun-at Ken Nasaririt

11/01/1999, Smith, S. J., & Asuncion, D.

Evaluating Chinese hospice care

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Growing old in a new age: National and international evaluation of a gerontology telecourse

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Social necessity, individual rights, and the needs of the fragile: Euthanasia as an option in end-of-life decision making

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Suc Khoe Va Dinh Duong Cho Tuoi Cao Nien

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Death education in churches and temples: Engaging religious leaders in the development of educational strategies

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Community assessment guide

04/01/1999, Pacific Diabetes Today Resource Center Team

Growing old in a new age: Faculty guide

03/01/1999, Braun, K.

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