Perceptions of dementia, caregiving, and help seeking among Asian and Pacific Islander Americans

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Evaluating a telecourse on aging

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Women, feminism and aging

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Do Hawaii residents support physician-assisted death: A comparison of five ethnic groups

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Asian and Pacific Islander values: Considerations for healthcare decision-making

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Na Kupuna in Hawaii: A review of social and health status, service use, and the importance of value-based interventions

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Laau Lapaau

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Cultural values and caregiving patterns among Asian and Pacific Islander Americans

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Surveying community attitudes towards end-of-life decision making

01/01/1998, Braun, K.

Asian and Pacific Islander mortality differences in Hawaii

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Development and testing training materials on elder abuse and neglect for nurse aides

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End-of-life choices and the ministry of caregiving: A handbook of educational activities & resources for churches/temples

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Death and dying in four Asian cultures: A descriptive study

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What happens to frail elders and their family caregivers when a case management program closes?

05/01/1997, Browne, C., & Braun, K.

Cultural themes in health, illness, and rehabilitation among Native Hawaiians

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