SOC 353: The Sociology of Aging: ***Face to face

SOC 353: The Sociology of Aging

Sociology of Aging is a substantive field with major social implications as well as personal significance in contemporary U.S. society and throughout the world. This course will introduce sociological frameworks to understand the micro, meso, and macro social issues associated with aging. Moreover, the course will focus on ethical issues embedded in the ways in which aging is experienced, the treatment of elders in society, and social policies towards the elderly.

This course will examine the following areas:

(1) Social impacts of the growing elderly population and emerging social patterns among the elderly;

(2) Issues of social, political, and economic equity;

(3) Issues of aging and healthcare.

Another unique feature of this course is to provide a comparative perspective by examining aging issues in different countries.

SUMMER 2018 * CRN: 97202

May 21 – June 29 * 1:30–2:45 pm

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