Meeting Minutes

University of Hawaii at Manoa
American Library Association, Student Chapter

Executive Committee

January 15, 2004

LIS Diner, Hamilton Library


Mona Kwon, Jennifer Ogg, Mahate Osborn, Lori Ann Saeki, Diane Todd, and Andrew Wertheimer

Call to Order: 4:03 PM


The objective of this meeting was to discuss the executive issues of the American Library Association, Student Chapter (ALA-SC), as outlined in the Agenda.  As the first meeting of the 2004 Spring semester, Co-President Mahate Osborn outlined the purpose of the ALA-SC:

·       To support professional development,

·       To provide a vehicle for networking, and

·       Help the Executive Committee understand how to participate in organizations.


The meetings will take place in an informal manner, allowing members to chime-in and ask questions as needed.  Participants are encouraged to express their creativity.  Meetings will be kept to one hour.


·       Agenda

·       2004 LIS Internship & Job Fair (email from A. Wertheimer)

·       Proposal for Selecting the 2004 ALA Student to Staff Program (email from A. Wertheimer)





The members of the group introduced themselves:

·       Diane Todd, Co-President

·       Mahate Osborn, Co-President

·       Lori Ann Saeki, Vice President

·       Jennifer Ogg, Treasurer

·       Mona Kwon, Secretary

·       Andrew Wertheimer, Faculty Advisor


Brown Bags

·       Susan Johnson, BHSD

·       Zensei Oshiro, Visiting Professor at the East-West Center.

·       Andrew Wertheimer, LIS Faculty.  On his dissertation, Libraries in Japanese-American Internment Camps.



Lori Ann Saeki will head the publication of a ALA-SC newsletter, used to publicize events to the LIS program.  Ideas include:

·       Letters from Executive Committee (editorial)

·       Book Reviews

·       Websites/Links

·       Professional Development Links


The newsletter also needs a name.  Saeki asked the group to forward any ideas to her.


ALA Conference Student-to-Staff Award (see email handout)

Andrew Wertheimer explained that the recipient is awarded ALA Conference registration in exchange for four hours of work each day of the conference.  The decision must be made by February 2, 2004.  The group decided that Wertheimer will create and distribute ballots of applicants and then collect and tally votes. 


Fundraising Ideas

Diane Todd raised the issue of dwindling ALA-SC funds, and the need for new fundraising projects.  The committee discussed possible fundraising ideas.

·       Coffee mug/pen/custom products

·       Silent Auction at HLA Conference


ALA-SC Application

Mahate Osborn raised the possibility of creating an application form for future ALA-SC members, and possibly charging a small fee in the registration.  A tangible registration and fee may encourage more participation.  Osborn asked the committee to consider the application as it will be readdressed at the next meeting.


ALA-SC Email and Website

ALA-SC will register with UH Manoa as a student organization.  This status allows space for a website and an email address.  The current site is on Wertheimer’s web space. The members of the Executive Committee signed the application.


Meeting was adjourned at 5:03 PM.


Minutes submitted by Secretary, Mona Kwon.