Meeting Minutes

University of Hawaii at Manoa
American Library Association, Student Chapter

Executive Committee

February 12, 2004

LIS Diner, Hamilton Library


Mona Kwon, Lillian Nicolich, Jennifer Ogg, Mahate Osborn, Trent Reynolds, Lori Ann Saeki, Diane Todd, and Andrew Wertheimer

Call to Order: 3:45 PM


·       Agenda




2004 Internship and Job Fair

The committee finalized details for the Fair on 2/20/04: 

·       $200 budget for refreshments

·       Estimated 100 attendees

·       4V will be used for exhibition space as well as the guest lectures


Program Ideas

Diane Todd asked for suggestions on program ideas for the rest of the semester.


1.     Happy Hour - Friday is the only weekday evening without classes, making this day ideal for evening get-togethers.

a.      Martini Madness at Indigo Restaurant

b.     Happy Hour at the Mai Tai Bar, Ala Moana Center.  

2.     ALA at the movies. 

  1. Rent/borrow library-related films and show at LIS. 
  2. Show a film at the Movie Museum - Mahate Osborn will look into details and costs.
  3. Go down to Restaurant Row $1 Theatre as a group.

3.     Field Trips:

  1. Bishop Museum Archives (in conjunction with the Student Archives Society)
  2. Library Tours
  3. Shangri-la


Todd also suggested continuing ALA-SC activities into the summer.  This would establish continuity of the organization during the long summer break.


Brown Bags

1.     Nick Goetzfridt, on the History of Libraries in Micronesia.

2.     Andrew Wertheimer, LIS Faculty, on his dissertation, Libraries in Japanese-American Internment Camps.


ALA Award

Todd introduced the idea of ALA-SC awarding a service award, with the first recipient as Sarah K. Vann, Ph.D.  The committee considered awarding this honor at the Graduation Dinner.  Suggestions for the award’s name are needed.



Todd introduced Lillian Nicolich as the new Membership Coordinator.  As Membership Coordinator, Lillian will work on an Application Form to be distributed to new students and maintain a list of current members.  The committee decided to charge a nominal one-time registration fee to ensure more commitment from members.   Currently membership and commitment levels are unclear.



Trent Reynolds, Fundraising Coordinator, discussed ordering products, such as mugs, and imprinting with ALA-SC logo to sell to students.  Andrew Wertheimer mentioned the possibility of commissioning someone from the Graphic Arts Program to design a logo.  It was suggested that the UH Manoa Bookstore may sell items on ALA-SC’s behalf.


ALA-SC Constitutional Amendment

The ALA-SC Constitution was last amended in 1992.  The constitution should be revised and voted on at the next meeting.  Jenn Ogg volunteered to work with Wertheimer on this project.


ALA-SC Office Handbook

Wertheimer suggested that a handbook would assist in organizational management, particularly in training new officers of their duties.  Each officer was asked to write a one-page position description of duties.  


ALA-SC CAS Application

Todd noted that the ALA-SC application with UH Manoa Co-curricular Activities, Programs & Services (CAPS) has been submitted.  This registration will allow ALA-SC to have our own email box and web space. 


Meeting was adjourned at 4:39 PM.


Minutes submitted by Secretary, Mona Kwon.