Meeting Minutes

University of Hawaii at Manoa
American Library Association, Student Chapter

Executive Committee

July 18, 2004


Attendees:         Uta Hussong, Wendy Ikemoto, Mona Kwon, Lillian Nicolich, Jenn Ogg, Lori Ann Saeki, and Andrew Wertheimer.


Call to Order:     7:10 PM


§       Agenda




Pending adjustments, the Executive Committee approved last month’s minutes.


Treasurer’s Report

Jenn Ogg reported the treasury balance as $715.12.  Of this amount, $241.00 was from membership dues.   The Vann Fund balance is $138.00.


Social Events

The committee selected Sept 19, 2004 as the date for the ALA-SC beach party. 



The committee unanimously elected to invest $250.00 on the Pizza Hut fundraising tickets.  The 50 tickets will sell for $10 each, which will net in $250.


Mentoring Program

Uta Hussong sent emails to the 40 confirmed incoming students, inviting them to participate in the Mentor Program.  There are 18 current students who have volunteered as mentors.  U. Hussong will make the mentor-mentee matches, trying to match based on interest.


Library Tours

Lillian Nicolich noted that Leslie Wood is coordinating library tours.  The first tour is scheduled for July 28th.


Fall Brown Bags

Andrew Wertheimer noted that Rich Gazan declined giving a brown bag session due to limited time in his schedule.  Rich Gazan is a visiting instructor teaching Management of Libraries this summer.



SLA/ASIST, HuiDui, and ALA-SC will share a joint calendar to schedule events.  This will help to avoid overlapping brown bag and other events. 


Also, the bake sales will be split between SLA/ASIST and ALA-SC.  They will alternate months throughout the semester.  Gail in the office should be notified and alerted beforehand. 


ALA-SC Positions

There are some positions in the organization that need filling:

§       Social Events Committee member (Wendy Ikemoto volunteered.)

§       Fundraising Committee member

§       Basement Blotter reporter

§       Photographer


Lori Ann Saeki will email the ALA-SC members to see if anyone is interested.


Next Meeting

The next meeting was scheduled for August 26, 2004 at 4:00 PM.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM.


Minutes submitted by Secretary, Mona Kwon.