Meeting Minutes

University of Hawaii at Manoa
American Library Association, Student Chapter

Executive Committee Meeting


January 7, 2005, 6:45 PM

Yum Yum Tree Restaurant, Honolulu, HI



Attendees:         Eileen Harrington, Mona Kwon, Lillian Nicolich, Jenn Ogg, Lori Ann Saeki, and Andrew Wertheimer.

Call to Order:     6:45 PM




The group approved the December 2, 2004 minutes


Treasurerís Report

Jenn Ogg estimated the treasury at $500.00.  The budget is still pending.  Project expenses for the Spring Semester include the graduate dinner (100.00), Brown Bags (25.00), mixers (30.00), and socials (150.00).


ALA-SC Work Progress Table

Mona Kwon distributed the Work Progress Table.  This action list identifies the items lost in the flood and the individual that volunteered to replace it.


Spring Committees Update

The social committee needs one more member.  The service project committee should be 5 to 7 members, each contributing 12-14 hours throughout the semester.  The entire publicity team needs to be staffed.  The Web team needs at least one more member.


Blotter Update

Lori Ann Saeki distributed the December 2004 edition of the Basement Blotter to the Executive Committee.  L. Saeki will distribute to LIS-STU.  Andrew Wertheimer will email the URL to Nancy Sack at the HLA, who will take excerpts from this Flood Edition for the HLA newsletter.  The featured student in the next Blotter will be Wendy Ikemoto.  The next issue is targeted for February 2005.


Student-to-Staff Award

The committee selected Erin Blad as the 2005 recipient of the Student-to-Staff Award.  For future years, the Executive Committee should create and publicize the criteria when announcing the contest.  In addition, applicants should be required to submit an essay at the onstart.


Vann Award

Jenn Ogg announced that there was $118.00 left in the Vann fund.  This award is presented to the academic librarian who provided excellent service.  The deadline for nominations for the 2005 recipient is March 18, 2005.  Dr Vann should be invited to this yearís graduation dinner.


General Meeting

The ALA-SC general meeting is scheduled for January 20.  The announcement should be made to LIS-STU.  At this meeting new officers and committee members need to be recruited.  Eileen Harrington volunteered to present an invitation to LIS601. 


Social Events

Deferred to next meeting.