Meeting Minutes

University of Hawaii at Manoa
American Library Association, Student Chapter

Executive Committee Meeting


March 30, 2005

Sustainability Courtyard, UH Manoa



Attendees:                 Christian De Lay, Wendy Ikemoto, Mona Kwon, Loraine Oribio, Lori Ann Saeki, and Andrew Wertheimer.

Not Present:            Lillian Nicolich and Jenn Ogg.


Call to Order:          4:00 PM




The group approved the February 24, 2005 minutes.


Fundraising - 2004 Flood T-shirts

Loraine Oribio noted that the preorder sales on the 2004 Flood shirts have begun.  Shirts are $10.00 to $12.00 each; there are 11 orders so far.


Fundraising - Book Sale

The book sale is scheduled for April 20, 2005.  It will be held in front of the POST building. There is a sign-up sheet to be posted by the LIS office to collect volunteers to work at the book sale.  The sale will run from 9:00 AM to whenever the books are sold.


Service Committee Project (Preservation Project)

To date, there were four sessions held.


Social Events Update

ALA-SC would like to hold one more social event before the end of the semester.  Perhaps a more casual event, held after the classes and the graduation dinner are over.


Vann Award

Lori Ann Saeki noted that there have been no submissions nominating anyone for the Vann Award.  If there are no submissions, the Executive Committee may decide on a recipient as a group, or decline to issue the award this year altogether.  As not all members of the Executive Committee are present today, this discussion and decision will continue as soon as possible, most likely online. 



ALA-SC will hold elections for all Executive Committee Officer positions for the 2005-06 year.  Lori Ann Saeki will announce the nomination and elections through  The voting will take place at the ALA-SC General Meeting on April 28,2005.


Next Meetings

General Meeting - April 28, 2005

Executive Committee - May 5, 2005


Minutes submitted by Secretary, Mona Kwon