Meeting Minutes

University of Hawaii at Manoa
American Library Association, Student Chapter

General Meeting


April 28, 2005

Bilger 319, UH Manoa



Attendees:                 Jody Brown, Christian De Lay, Junie Hayashi, Wendy Ikemoto, Mona Kwon, Misty LePage, Lillian Nicolich, Jenn Ogg, Loraine Oribio, Janel Quirante, Lori Ann Saeki, Dawn Sueoka, and Andrew Wertheimer.

Guest:                             Sara McBride


Call to Order:          3:50 PM




[The minutes from the Executive Board meeting on March 30, 2005 were approved by the Executive Officers via email on April 27, 2005.]



Lori Ann Saeki recognized graduating students Jenn Ogg, who is also the outgoing Treasurer, and Wendy Ikemoto, co-editor of the Blotter and chair of the Social Programs Committee for their service to the ALA-SC. She also recognized outgoing Secretary Mona Kwon. And Lillian Nicolich recognized outgoing President Lori Ann Saeki.



Lori Ann Saeki announced final requests for nominations.  Saeki asked each candidate to introduce himself or herself. The ballots were distributed and votes counted. The election results are as follows: Lillian Nicolich, President; Loraine Oribio, Vice-President; Janel Quirante, Secretary; and Marta Wiggins, Treasurer.


More Announcements

Sara McBride announced an opening for a Library Conference Intern for the International Digital Library Alliance Meeting in November 2005.


President-Elect Lillian Nicolich noted that the Service Committee hours were recorded and credited by FEMA, for their contribution towards the University’s preservation efforts. The Service Committee participants were awarded a certificate for their contribution.


Social Events

Wendy Ikemoto announced the Contemporary Museum outing for Tuesday May 10, 2005.


Next Meetings

The next Executive Board meeting will be held on May 5, 2005 at 3:50 PM.


Meeting adjourned at 4:22 PM.

Minutes submitted by Secretary, Mona Kwon.