Meeting Minutes

University of Hawaii at Manoa
American Library Association, Student Chapter

Executive Board and Committee Chairs Meeting


August 31, 2005

Campus Center, Room 310, 4:00-5:00 pm



Attendees:            Christian DeLay, Joe Murphy, Lillian Nicolich, Loraine Oribio, Janel Quirante, Dawn Sueoka, Andrew Wertheimer, Marta Wiggins




The minutes from the Executive Board and Committee Chairs meeting on July 19, 2005 were approved by the Executive Officers.  Lillian distributed Agenda, Schedules and Committee Participation sheets.


Brief Reports


Business and General Meeting Schedule (Lillian)

Confirmed dates for Fall 2005 meetings (see schedule handout).

Dawn will make flyers for Sept. 13 General Membership Meeting.


RIO Renewal (Lillian)

Lillian will fill out renewal paperwork.

Needs membership list from Loraine by Sept. 18.


Treasurer’s Report (Marta)

Missing bank statements from June and July; Marta will contact bank.

Account balance is $1,417.11.


Fundraising Report (Loraine)

There are a few T-shirts left from first order (mostly size S). 

A new batch is ready for sale: 12 of each size (S, M, L, XL, XXL).

Order forms will be strategically placed at reference desks, staff lounge, and website.

Lillian proposed a fundraising project to benefit ALA student chapters and LIS programs affected by Hurricane Katrina.


Website Report (Christian)

New updates: Vann Award, Ice Cream Social announcement.

Christian took pictures of board members.

The new web-based calendar program will be ready next month.

Christian is looking for an apprentice to take over website maintenance.


Blotter (Lillian)

Next issue will be a Flood Anniversary issue.

Contact Lori or Mona with any story ideas.


Discussion Items


Membership and Committees (Loraine and Lillian)

Lillian distributed new membership forms (all ALA-SC publications are now printed on blue paper with a standard ALA-SC header).

Dawn will update form after membership fee discount period ends.

Loraine will speak to 601 and 605 classes to encourage new members and to announce General Membership Meeting.


Professional Committee: Brownbag Proposals (Lillian)

Two speakers are confirmed, co-sponsored by Andrew’s LIS612 class: Dr. Noenoe Silva and Dr. Chieko Tachihata.

Other proposed speakers come from the various LIS tracks (see schedules handout)


Service Committee Proposals (Lillian)

PNC/PRDLA/ECAI Conference Volunteers, Oct. 30 - Nov. 3.  This digital information conference is hosted by UH and will be held at the East-West Center.  About 12 volunteers at any given time, per day, are needed.  Andrew will approach Dr. Nahl and Dr. Weingand about possible extra credit for 601, 610 students who volunteer.  Janel is the volunteer coordinator at the event.

Treasures Takedown: will make a decision next meeting about whether we will do this.


Ice Cream Social (Lillian)

To be held Fri. Sept. 2 2:30-5:00, QLCSS Room 412.

Everyone admired Dawn’s snazzy flyer.

Lillian and Andrew will make the ice cream run and Joe will help set up.

We need to make sure room is extra clean after the event.


Beach Party (Loraine, Joe)

Co-sponsored with SLA-ASIST and Hui Dui.

To be held Sunday, Sept. 18, 11:00-4:00, Ala Moana Beach Park.

We need a big banner or sign.

Loraine will send out email asking if anyone has a tent, or else we can rent one.


HLA Student Panel (Andrew)

There is no available slot for a student paper panel at this year’s HLA conference.

But Laurie Lake is presenting, and so is Andrew.


Next Meeting

General Membership Meeting, Tuesday Sept. 13, 3:45, Bilger 319


Meeting adjourned at 4:55 pm.

Minutes submitted by Secretary, Janel Quirante.