Meeting Minutes

University of Hawaii at Manoa

American Library Association, Student Chapter

Executive Board and Committee Chairs Meeting

October 12, 2006

3:45 pm, Bale Restaurant


Attendees: Christine Cipolla, Vanessa Vallejos, Megan Radomski, Elisabeth Kittredge, Andrew Wertheimer, Anne Hillier, Janel Quirante, Carrie Ann Young, Robbie Wiesenberg


I. Reports


A. Approval of Minutes (Anne)

--Minutes approved by board.


B. New Professional Committee Co-Chairs (Megan and Robbie)

--Robbie will continue in the position after Megan graduates.


C. Jackie’s Kitchen Social Event (Elisabeth)

--The September 21 happy hour event was successful, with Beta Phi Mu members turning out as well.


D. Treasurer’s Report (Vanessa)

--Current balance is $1014.60, of which $200 is earmarked for the Vann Award.


E. Website Updates

--E-mail any desired changes to Caitlin.


II. Committees


A. Social Committee (Elisabeth)

1.  October 28: Attend Dr. Knuth’s lecture, go to lunch at Volcano Joe’s(?) afterwards.

2.  November 18: Hike to tidepools, weather permitting. (Arrange for e-mail or telephone notification system in case we have to cancel on the day.)

3.  December: Happy hour?

4.  Suggestion: Volleyball game—have Sheryl look into it


B. Professional Committee (Megan and Robbie)

1. Dr. Knuth (definite): Flood Week. May split hour with another speaker if Dr. Knuth prefers. Time/date to be determined, perhaps 4:00 or 4:30 Monday? (Dr. Wertheimer willing to give up LIS 610 class time.) Get permission to use Hamilton 113 and tour basement.

2. HCC ergonomics instructor: Chairs will pursue.

3. Nancy Conley: To be arranged.


C. Service Committee (Janel)

1. Service project: volunteering at HLA silent auction. (Alumni Association [Liason: Junie Hayashi] is running the auction; we will just man tables.) Times: 8-3 Friday, 8-12 Saturday.  HLA registration desk may also need volunteers--Janel will contact Lee Adams. Open up volunteering to all ALA-SC members. Christine proposed giving T-shirts to volunteers (and therefore postponing T-shirt clearance sale until after HLA)


D. Fundraising Committee (Christine on behalf of Margot)

1. Calendar update: half of photos are finished, remainder should be done in two weeks. Margot and Christine will format. Sheryl found a printer at HCC, will cost $5 per calendar, suggested selling for $10.

2. Questions raised: How many to print? Can we get permission to sell at HLA conference, and if so, will calendars be ready in time? If we show a sample page and take pre-orders, how much will shipping cost?


E. Basement Blotter (Christine on behalf of Margot)

1. Next issue has been pushed back because of calendar--theme changed from “What I Did Last Summer” to “Travel.”

2. To do: Run a feature on Dr. Nahl--it’s traditional to profile the new department head.


III. Other Business


A. RIO Orientation Report (Carrie)

1. Carrie filled out the necessary forms to preserve our RIO status.

2. RIO status/privileges: We are NOT supported by or officially affiliated with UH. We have access to campus facilities, including team-building training rope course (relevant fees apply). We must get approval to post flyers at Campus Center. We can set up a number to send/receive faxes. We can apply for money from UH (see below).

3. RIO funding application: Christine will attend workshop Monday to make us eligible to apply for funds. If we apply, Megan will help write the proposal. Use funds to send members to HLA? Subsidize ALA Student-to-Staff award airfare?

Next Meeting: November 9, 3:45 pm, location TBA (Campus Center?)


B. Membership Status

1. Elisabeth will graduate in December--we will need a new Social Committee chair.

2. Recruitment strategies: General e-mail recruitment? Offer discount on HLA/ALA membership fees? (Christine will investigate.) HLA volunteer project may get people active.


Meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm.

Minutes submitted by Secretary, Anne Hillier.