Meeting Minutes

University of Hawaii at Manoa

American Library Association, Student Chapter

Executive Board and Committee Chairs Meeting

February 13, 2007

3:45 pm, POST 302

Attendees: Nadia Ayesh, Christine Cipolla, Margot Hanson, Sheryl Legaspi, Eric Leong, Vanessa Vallejos, Andrew Wertheimer, Wanda Wong, Carrie Ann Young

I. Reports

A. Welcome new committee members

-- Sheryl Legaspi (Fundraising Committee), Eric Leong (Service Committee Chairperson), Wanda Wong (Professional Co-Chair), Nadia Ayesh (Social Committee)


B. Minutes

-- Not approved.


C. Ice Cream Social

-- The Ice Cream Social had a great turnout. Thank you to Carrie for promoting the social and picking up the ice cream.


D. Treasurer’s Report (Vanessa)

--Current balance is $1429.28, of which $200 is earmarked for the Vann Award.


E. Website Updates

--Request to update committee members, minutes, and more prominent link to the Basement Blotter.


II. Committees

A. Social Committee (Nadia)


1. Whale watching (Christine will get the name of the company.)

2. Jazz clubs, Honolulu Country Club (Andrew)

3. Symphony/Opera discounted tickets contact Jan Kamiya (Andrew)


B. Professional Committee (Wanda)

-- 7 members on the committee.

-- May co-sponsor events with SLA-ASIST.

-- Possibly arrange 4 events for the semester, suggest Friday/Saturday for tours, may schedule an event around Spring Break.

-- Contact Susan Johnson or someone who works at BHSD to reserve Hamilton Room 113 (Christine can arrange.)

-- Contact Gail to reserve Bilger 319.


Suggested Tours: Astronomy Library, Art Department Slide Library, Academy of Arts Library (Ron Chapman), Chaminade Library, Contemporary Museum of Arts (Christine will get the librarian’s name), UH Press.


Suggested Speakers: Dennis S. from the ICS Faculty – Medical Formatics, E-Tech/Web Design/Layout?, Russell Makanani – Kamehameha Schools Library, someone from Special Collections, Robert Sullivan – New Zealand (contact Analu?), Professor from Tokyo?


C. Service Committee (Eric)

1. Mail out surveys to Alumni for Accreditation (Christine)

2. Center for Pacific Island Studies Conference, March 15-16 – Contact: Karen Peacock

3. Friends of the Library volunteer opportunities? (Carrie)


D. Fundraising (?)

-- Sheryl will help with the committee.

-- Send email to lis-stu seeking fundraising chairperson/committee members (Christine)


Suggested Fundraisers: Krispy Kreme, T-shirts with Hawaiian theme (Sheryl), Pizza Hut discount card (Christine), Jamba Juice, Penny Drive (Nadia), Recycle bin in Bilger (Eric).


E. Blotter (Margot)

-- Planning meeting on Thursday, 2/15.

-- New issue is out, new larger format.


Topics for next issue: Dr. Nahl as the new Department Chair and Grant Project; New faculty article featuring Dr. Asato; Hamilton Budget; Accreditation Process; Interview: Fiction Selector at the Main Public Library; HSPLS “The List”; HASL Conference – Dr. Harada is giving the keynote address.


III. Other Business/Announcements

A. Prom

-- Prom will not be held at Tokai University.

-- QLC Room 412 is the alternate option. Margot will reserve room – either 4/28 or 4/21 depending on availability.

-- Carrie will find out about possible DJ.


B. Next meeting will be on March 13, 2007 at 3:45 pm in POST 302.



Meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm.

Minutes submitted by Vice President, Carrie Ann Young.