Meeting Minutes

University of Hawaii at Manoa

American Library Association, Student Chapter

Executive Board and Committee Chairs Meeting

September 10, 2007

3:00PM, LIS Conference Room



In Attendance: Eric Leong, Andrew Weiss, Nadia Ayesh, Kale Kingsbury, Dr. Andrew Wertheimer, Jennifer Crowther, Pamela Scott


I. Approval of Minutes


            A. Minutes for meeting of August 27, 2007 (Eric)

- Minutes approved by board; no comments / questions at this time.


II. Officer Reports


A.    President’s Report (Eric)

1. ALA-SC new members

- President informed board of receiving applications for eight new members since last meeting.

- President specifically introduced and/or welcomed the following members in the following capacities:

            Jennifer Crowther – Service Committee

            Emma Panui – volunteered to serve as Service Chair

            Pamela Scott – assisting Sarah Myhre with Social Committee


B.     Vice President’s Report (Andrew)

1. RIO orientation

- Vice President attended an orientation session for the RIO in the week prior to this board meeting.

- Informed board that ALA-SC has the ability to reserve rooms in / through Campus Center

2. RIO funds

- Vice President informed board that ALA-SC can apply for funds for various projects, but indicated he needed to attend another workshop for further details.

- Cautioned that projects must be for the good of the entire campus community to be considered for funding.

- Both Vice-President and Dr. Wertheimer indicated that funding tends to go out early in the semester; and that funding requisitioned at this point in time would be earmarked for next semester.


II. Committees


A.    Social Committee (Eric)

1. Ice Cream Social Debrief

- President reported success with the Ice Cream Social held on September 4th, 2007, with an estimate of 25 students and faculty in attendance.

- Treasurer informed board that she had received the receipts for supplies and prizes from Andrew and Sarah.

2. Halloween Party

- President reported that Social Chair is in the process of planning a Halloween Party.

- Tentative date is Friday, October 26, from 5:00PM to 9:00PM, location to be announced.

- Dr. Wertheimer reminded board that the date falls roughly on the anniversary of the flood, suggested that event be taken into consideration (inviting LIS alumni, recent ALA-SC officers, etc.)

- President uncertain of Social Chair’s exact plans, but indicated party will likely be a potluck style event.

- President informed board that anyone interested in assisting with the event should contact Sarah Myhre.

3. First Fridays

- President suggested Honolulu First Friday events for informal organization social get-togethers.

- Dr. Wertheimer appeared to support idea, also bringing up the “Art After Dark” events.

4. Other suggestions

      - Dr. Wertheimer suggested other ideas for Social events:

                  a. An upcoming Jazz Concert

b. Happy hours – Advisor reported that previous ALA-SC boards had held “happy hour” style gatherings at such locations as Bale and Jackie Chan’s restaurant.


B.     Service Committee (Eric)

1. Frequency of events

- In response to query, President replied that ALA-SC should hold at least one Service-related event each semester.

2. Assisting UHM libraries

- President recommended keeping in contact with Jonelle Sage, the Library Development and Special Events Assistant.

3. Hawaii Public Radio

- Dr. Wertheimer suggested assisting Hawaii Public Radio and similar organizations as another possibility.

4. ALA-SC “Run”

- Jennifer raised the possibility of holding a “Run”, or race or relay type of event.

- Dr. Wertheimer pointed out such an endeavor requires a great deal of work, and suggested instead that ALA-SC perhaps find a way to take part in a pre-existing event (possibilities were offered by various board members, such as the Great Aloha Walk/Run and the Century Bike Ride).


C.     Fundraising Committee (Eric)

1. Members needed

- President reported that the Fundraising Committee is still in need of members, and that anyone interested should contact him or Mary-Louise Haraguchi.

2. Calendars

- In response to President’s question of who is overseeing the project, Vice President reported he had contacted Margot Hanson, coordinator of the last LIS calendar project.

3. Other ideas

- President reiterated that anyone who has ideas for other fundraising projects is welcome to bring them to him or to the Fundraising Committee Chair (Mary Louise).


D.    Basement Blotter (Andrew)

1. Members’ meeting

- Andrew reported that he would see Sierra in class, and that they would try to set up a meeting for the members of the Blotter.

2. Potential features

- For the purposes of the first issue, Dr. Wertheimer repeated suggestions from the last meeting for publishing articles on students’ experiences over the summer, and perhaps a feature introducing students new to the program.

- Secretary also raised earlier suggestion of an article profiling the new department head.


E.     Professional Committee (Eric)

1. Museum visit

- President reported that Mary Louise is planning a visit to the Contemporary Museum.

2. Other ideas

- In response to President’s call for additional ideas or suggestions, Pam raised the possibility of a visit to Coconut Island and its research station.

- Vice President also asked if there is a local aquarium (affirmative) and if so, if they have a library or library-related collection.



III. Old Business


            A. ALA Website (Eric, Kale)

1. Status update

- Secretary reported having contacted Caitlin in regards to the ALA-SC website, but also indicated that she is currently engaged with her HTML Workshops and, thus, the website may not be high on her priority list.

2. New Website manager

- In response to President’s second call, Pam volunteered to oversee update and management of the organization’s website.

- Pam informed board that she will meet with Caitlin

3. Priorities

- Secretary indicated that priorities for the website are updating the officers’ photos and information, and updating the information on current events.

- Secretary will work with Pam and Caitlin on updating website data.



IV. New Business


            A. Faculty Meetings (Eric)

1. Volunteers

- President inquired as to whether anyone was interested in attending the LIS Faculty Meetings and reporting to/for ALA-SC.

- Andrew Weiss volunteered.


            B. Officer Handbooks (Dr. Wertheimer)

1. Issue raised

- Dr. Wertheimer suggested officer handbooks be produced in order to assist future ALA-SC executive boards.


C. Student Leadership Conference (Eric)

1. Overview

- President reported that Caitlin Nelson is interested in involvement in a student leadership conference, but indicated the matter is only in the rudimentary planning stages at this point.

2. Planning committee

- President explained to board that he sees in such a conference an opportunity to incorporate a variety of ALA-SC committees.

- President called for volunteers for a planning committee to assist Caitlin; Andrew Weiss volunteered to speak to her.


D. Next Meeting (Eric)

1. Date and time

- Next ALA-SC board meeting has been scheduled for Monday, September 24th, at 3:00PM, in the LIS Conference Room.






Meeting adjourned at 3:35PM

Minutes submitted by Kale Kingsbury, Secretary