Meeting Minutes

University of Hawaii at Manoa

American Library Association, Student Chapter

Executive Board and Committee Chairs Meeting

November 5th, 2007

3:05 PM, LIS Conference Room



In Attendance: Eric Leong, Andrew Weiss, Kale Kingsbury, Nadia Ayesh, Dr. Andrew Wertheimer, Jennifer Crowther, Mary Louise Haraguchi, Emma Panui, Lesley Parilla


I.  Approval of minutes


A.    Minutes for meeting of October 8th, 2007

            - Minutes approved; no comments or questions at this time


II. Officer Reports


A.    President’s Report (Eric)

            1. Google Calendar

                        - President reported to Board that the Web Team recently                                        completed a Google-based calendar for the LIS program;                                              suggested ALA-SC look into the possibility of posting                                       organizational events there



III. Committee Reports


A. Social Committee (Eric)

                        1. Halloween Party Debrief

- President reported the Halloween Party held on October 20th was a success

- Estimated altogether twenty to twenty-five people attended

                        2. End of Semester Social

- First mentioned at last month’s Executive Board meeting, President reported Sarah Myhre, the Social Committee Chair, would not be behind the planning of this event

- President suggested holding event at Bale’s (on campus) on a Thursday

- After a brief discussion amongst Board members regarding possible dates, event has been tentatively scheduled for Thursday, December 6th, 2007

3. New Students – Spring Semester

            - Dr. Wertheimer informed Board that, thus far, only five new students have confirmed that they will be starting the LIS program in the Spring semester

            - President questioned whether or not ALA-SC should still host an Ice Cream Social, and asked if anyone had any other ideas for a beginning of the semester Social event

            - Other Board members stated that the Ice Cream Social did not have to be done with just incoming students in mind, and that LIS students and faculty would still attend if one was held in the Spring

4. LIS Prom

            - President reported that Sarah would soon be leaving her position as Social Committee Chair to take over the Professional Committee, and as such, would not be overseeing this event

            - President suggested Board look into forming a Prom committee, with a recommendation that it begin planning early, starting with determining a location


B. Professional Committee (Mary Louise)

                        1. Contemporary Museum Debrief

- Chair reported the tour of the Contemporary Museum library held on Wednesday, October 31st as a success

- Indicated roughly fourteen people attended

                        2. Weekend Workshop Debrief

                                    - Chair also reported the Workshop held on Saturday, November                                         3rd as successful

- Noted that approximately twelve to fourteen people attended

                        3. Michael Stephens Presentations

- Chair reminded Board that Michael Stephens would be giving presentations on Wednesday, November 14th

- Two presentations are scheduled, one in the morning at Hamilton Library, the second in the afternoon at Bilger 319

                        4. Paula Mochida Presentation Update

- Dr. Wertheimer spoke with Mochida, informed Board that Mochida has some concern regarding the issue of getting an adequate number of attendees

- Advisor also stated that the decision as to when to hold the presentation is currently open to the Board

- In response, President recommended holding off on the Presentation until the Spring semester.


C. Service Committee (Jennifer)

                        1. Possible Projects for Upcoming Semester – Mentoring Program

- A suggestion was put forth to the Board as to implementing a “Mentoring Program” next semester, pairing incoming students with ones that have been in the program for a time

- President felt it might be good to test the idea as a pilot program first and gauge the response



                        2. Pele’s Appeal

- It was reported that the “Pele’s Appeal” event held in Hamilton Library was successful

- The assistance of the ALA-SC members who helped out was appreciated


D. Fundraising Committee (Eric)

                        1. Mugs - Payment

- President notified Board that he has the check for the mugs and will submit it

- It was also asked if it would be possible to see a picture of the finished product; response was that payment would need to be received by the company first

2. Mugs - Pricing

- President informed Board of the need to determine a price

- Suggestions included $8.00 pre-order and $10.00 after, or one mug for $10.00 and two for $15.00

            - President recommended going with the $10.00 price

3. Mugs - Availability

- Mary Louise inquired as to when the mugs would be ready

            - President’s response was that the order is ready; the           company is just waiting for the check

- Jennifer reported that delivery would take 14 to 21 business days

4. Mugs - Design

- It was asked what material(s) the mugs are made of

            - Jennifer responded that they are made of brushed metal,    with a plastic lid

5. Mugs – Order Form

- Board members inquired as to whether an order form had been produced

            - Jennifer stated she would design a draft of an order form

- Dr. Wertheimer advised Board to ensure “Delivery Not Included” is added to the Order Form


E. Basement Blotter (Andrew)

                        1. Update on November Issue

- Andrew informed Board that he would speak with Sierra, the Blotter head, in the evening

- Indicated that Blotter members would be meeting later in the week and hoped to have an issue out by the week of November 19th.


F. ALA-SC Website (Eric)

- President reported that Pam is still in the process of making changes to the Website; asked Board members to check on the various pages of the site, and notify Pam of any changes that need to be made (


IV. New Business


A. ALA National Meeting (Eric / Dr. Wertheimer)

- Dr. Wertheimer brought up the topic of the ALA National Conference, and how normally one member from each student chapter can get costs covered for attending


B. Next Meeting (Eric)

            1. December Meeting?

            - After consulting the Board, President decided not to hold an        ALA-SC meeting in December

2. Spring Schedules

            - President requested that Board members notify him of their          Spring semester schedules once they have been determined, in   order to decide on an effective meeting day and time


C. New Student Orientation (Nadia / Eric)

1. When Will LIS NSO be held?

            - In answer to query, Nadia replied that New Student Orientation is            normally held the Wednesday before classes start

            - In the case of next Spring semester, this would be January 9th,      2008.


D. New Committee Heads (Eric)

- Professional - President reported that Mary Louise would be graduating, and that Sarah Myhre would be taking over as head of the Committee

- Service – Emma Panui

- Fundraising – Still open

- Social – Still open

- Treasurer reported that her position would also be open shortly, as she will be entering her last semester in the Spring.










Meeting adjourned at 3:40 PM

Minutes submitted by Kale Kingsbury, Secretary