Meeting Minutes

University of Hawaii at Manoa

American Library Association, Student Chapter

Executive Board and Committee Chairs Meeting

January 28, 2008

3:00 PM, LIS Conference Room



In Attendance: Eric Leong, Andrew Weiss, Jennifer Crowther, Kale Kingsbury, Dr. Andrew Wertheimer, Karen Brown, Lesley Parilla, Simi Singh, Emma Panui



I. Approval of Minutes (Eric)

- Minutes from previous meeting approved; no questions or comments at this time.



II. Officer Reports

            A. President’s Report (Eric)

                        1. New members

- One new member has joined ALA-SC so far this semester.


                        2. Faculty Meetings Representative

- Kale has agreed to serve as ALA-SC’s representative at LIS Faculty Meetings this semester.


                        3. Upcoming Officer Elections

- ALA-SC Officer elections for the next academic year will be coming up in April

- Current members should begin thinking about whether or not they would like to serve as President, Vice-President, Treasurer, or Secretary next year.


            B. Vice President’s Report (Andrew)

                        1. RIO funding

- Vice President was recently notified of the Application for RIO funding for the year.

- Applications are due by Friday, February 1st.

- Funding goes towards supporting organization events, but generally requires event to be for the good of the campus as a whole.


            C. Treasurer’s Report (Jennifer)

                        1. Fiscal statements

-Treasurer has received the new statements; they just need to be reviewed.


                        2. Transition of authority

- In response to a query from Dr. Wertheimer, Treasurer confirmed that the matter of the change in signature for banking purposes has already been taken care of.


            D. Secretary’s Report (Kale)

                        1. Faculty Meeting

- Secretary attended faculty meeting on Friday, January 25th.

- Informed LIS faculty of change in ALA-SC’s Treasurer (Nadia to Jennifer), last semester’s fundraising project (Mugs), and date of organization’s first meeting of the semester.



III. Committee Reports

            A. Social Committee (Eric / Simi)

                        1. Ice Cream Social

                                    a. Date / Time

    - President suggested holding event on a Thursday, preferably between 4:00PM and 5:00PM; reasoning being the ability for students finishing LIS 610 and going to LIS 605 to attend.

    - Members agreed, and inquired as to exact date.

- President initially considering next week Thursday, February 7th.

- President will look into reserving room; requested Social Chair’s assistance in looking at dates and reserving rooms.

                                    b. Receipts

   - Dr. Wertheimer advised Board to save receipts for this function.

   - Advisor also inquired as to the status of submission of receipts for previous events.

                                    c. Supplies

   - President asked for volunteer(s) to help pick up ice cream and supplies; Andrew volunteered.

   - President also reported that he has some supplies left over from the previous semester’s Ice Cream Social, and that he would bring those.

                                    d. Door Prizes

   - President reported that Sarah Myhre had put some together for last semester’s Ice Cream Social, but that some meant for this semester are unaccounted for.

   - President indicated that if previously acquired Door Prizes cannot be located, new ones might have to be purchased / made.

                                    e. Notifying LIS students / faculty

   - Board will send an e-mail notification to LIS students and staff once a date and time have been worked out.


                        2. Ideas for additional Social events

                                    a. Hiking

   - If held, Dr. Wertheimer advised committee to be prepared to cancel in the event of rain, and perhaps have a backup plan ready.

                                    b. Geo-caching

                                    c. Valentine’s Day

   - Chair suggested holding a “chick-flick” movie event in the Yap Room.

                                       - Another suggestion was an outing at the Dollar Theatre.

   - Karen suggested possibility of combining events by holding the Ice Cream Social on Valentine’s Day; Chair indicated that the movie plan likely wouldn’t work in this scenario.

   - Another suggestion included the making and distribution of Valentine packets.

                                    d. BBQ / Picnic

   - Board was receptive to this idea, with President and Secretary stating that LIS-wide picnic events have been held in the past (such as during Spring Break last year)

                                    e. St. Patrick’s Day

                                       - Chair suggested an outing to a bar.

   - Secretary warned Board about bars tending to be extremely crowded on St. Patrick’s Day.

                                       - Another suggestion included a “Think Green” campaign.

                                    f. International Potluck

                                    g. Prom

   - President mentioned that ALA-SC hosted a Prom last Spring semester.


                        3. Money matters

- President informed Social Committee to plan on a balance of roughly $3.00 per person per event for budgeting purposes.


                        4. LIS-L?

- For matters of ease of communication, Dr. Wertheimer asked if LIS students are on the LIS-L list-serve.

- Board responded in the negative.



            B. Professional Committee (Lesley)

                        1. Paula Mochida Brownbag

   - A project originally initiated last semester, this is currently at the top of the Committee’s agenda.

   - It was also mentioned that a number of leaders in the academic library field will be visiting in the months ahead, and that Mochida might be able to persuade them to offer presentations.


2. Dave Brier PowerPoint brownbag

- President mentioned that librarian Dave Brier did a presentation on the social effects of PowerPoint use last semester; inquired as to the possibility of his repeating his presentation, perhaps as a brownbag event.


3. Lorienne Roy – ALA President

   - Dr. Wertheimer brought up the arrival of ALA President Lorienne Roy and an event being held on Thursday, Feb. 21st

   - Dr. Wertheimer will keep in touch with Lesley regarding the details of this event.


                        4. GSO

   - Lesley reminded Board that Allie Jordan is the new GSO Representative.

   - Also mentioned that changes in GSO policies and procedures have recently been instituted.

   - In response, Dr. Wertheimer inquired as the possibility of a short GSO-related workshop.


5. Library Tour?

   - President asked for suggestions for library tours this semester.

   - President raised the possibility of the Charlot collection on the UH campus; reasoned that it was easy for LIS students to get to, and that the head of the collection is always looking for visitors.

   - Other meeting attendants suggested looking into places where students are interns, as they could serve as contact points.


                        6. Combining activities

- Dr. Wertheimer mentioned the possibility of combining professional and social events, such as having a social gathering after a library tour, etc.



            C. Fundraising Committee (Karen)

                        1. Mugs

                                    a. Sales

   - Chair reported that they could help with the promotion of mugs.

   - Dr. Wertheimer reminded Board that ALA-SC never had the time for conducting sales to the LIS community, and that we might want to start there.

   - Lesley suggested selling mugs at the upcoming Ice Cream Social.

b. Advertising

- Several members recommended advertising mugs in their classes.

   - A schedule of classes was passed around, and members signed up to advertise mugs for any classes that they were in; also, Dr. Wertheimer provided mugs to those who had signed up, for display purposes.

   - President also suggested the possibility of an “ad campaign.”



            D. Service Committee (Emma / Jennifer)

                        1. Mentoring

- Committee members reported that new students have already been matched up with mentors.

- Plan is to have both parties meet up at the Ice Cream Social.


                        2. Treat Street

- Emma reported that she will book a spot for ALA-SC to help with Bishop Museum’s Halloween Treat Street when booking opens in March.


3. Other Service ideas

- President stated he is not aware of any service opportunities yet, but advised all present to keep their eyes open.



            E. Basement Blotter

                        1. New Editor needed

   - Andrew reported that the Blotter’s current editor, Sierra Hampton-Eng, will be moving to Kauai; stated he is open to taking over as editor.

   - President recommended sending out an e-mail to look for other interested parties first.


                        2. Semester plans

   - Andrew stated that the Blotter team is shooting for three publications this semester.

   - Dr. Wertheimer informed Andrew that the Blotter does not require the same layout each time.

   - Dr. Wertheimer also advised Board to try and get copies of the Blotter online, as Dr. Harada has stated that student productions look good for accreditation purposes.


                        3. Ideas for stories

   - Suggestions included articles on study abroad experiences, a Lorienne Roy interview, and alumni news.



            F. ALA-SC Website (Eric)

                        1. Updates in progress

   - President reported that the Website is in the process of being updated.

   - Also asked Board members to notify Alice Tran or Pam Scott when dates, etc. are determined, so that changes to the website can be made.



IV. New Business (Eric)

            A. Student-to-Staff Representative

- President announced that Karen Brown has been selected as ALA-SC’s Student-to-Staff Representative.


            B. Michael Stephens video

   - Board discussed making available a recording of a presentation done recently by Michael Stephens.

   - Questions included the current status of the recording, where it would be posted, and what would be the best format to have it in.  President suggested that DVD or CD-ROM might be the most efficient format.

                           - No final decision reached at this time.


            C. Next Meeting

                        1. Date

   - President asked if Board would be open to having the next meeting before the Ice Cream Social.

   - It was decided that if ALA-SC does manage to reserve the room for February 14th, Monday the 11th would work.

                        2. Time

- The current time of 3:00PM to 4:00PM appears to work for the majority of Board and Committee members.

                        3. Frequency of meetings

- President indicated that we should be able to go back to holding meetings once a month after the next one.






Meeting adjourned at 3:47 PM

Minutes submitted by Kale Kingsbury, Secretary