Meeting Minutes

University of Hawaii at Manoa

American Library Association, Student Chapter

Executive Board and Committee Chairs Meeting

March 3, 2008

3:02 PM, LIS Conference Room



In Attendance: Eric Leong, Jennifer Crowther, Kale Kingsbury, Dr. Andrew Wertheimer, Karen Brown, Marcella “Marcie” Bighill



I. Approval of Minutes (Eric)

- Minutes from previous meeting (2.11.08) approved; no questions or comments at this time.



II. Officer Reports

            A. President’s Report (Eric)

                        1. New Member

- President welcomed Marcie Bighill, who has also volunteered to serve on the Social Committee.

                        2. Elections for New Officers

- Elections for next year’s ALA-SC officers will be taking place soon.

- President indicated current officers should consider recruiting LIS students to replace them.

- In response to question from Treasurer, President clarified that if a current officer is not graduating this semester, they can still run for a position, including a second term in their existing position.

- If anyone has any questions about the election process, they can contact the President.

                        3. Dr. Vann Award

                                    - Nominations are needed and must be submitted by March 31st.

                                    - One nomination is already in for Karen Peacock.

- Recipient of the award will be discussed at next Executive Board meeting.

                        4. Visit by Dr. Roy

- Presentation by visiting ALA President was positive and had a good turn-out.

                                    - Presentation was also recorded and has been put up on iTunesU.


            B. Treasurer’s Report (Jennifer)

                        1. Money Matters for Monday’s Coffee Break

- Treasurer requested receipts for the Coffee Break that had been held earlier in the day.

- Dr. Wertheimer informed Treasurer that Simi has receipts for the leis, and that he would cover the costs for the coffee.           


            C. Secretary’s Report (Kale)

- Nothing new to report at this time.


Update:  Secretary attended LIS Faculty Meeting held on Friday, 3.07.08; informed faculty of upcoming officer elections, proceedings regarding the Dr. Vann award, and the release of the first issue of the Blotter for this semester.



III. Committee Reports

            A. Social Committee (Eric)

                        1. Ice Cream Social Debrief

- President reported roughly 15 people attended the Ice Cream Social held on Thursday, 2.14.08.

- Receipts for Ice Cream Social purchases have been received from the Vice-President and will go towards the $100 reimbursement from the ALA national organization


                        2. LIS Prom

                                    a. Location

- President reported that Frans had informed him that he had had no luck procuring a location for the event.

- Karen let Board know that she still needs to contact Ong King.

                                    b. Date

    - In response to a question regarding the anticipated date of this event, President stated that it is still largely up in the air, but that Board is currently looking at after Spring Break, and preferably a Friday or Saturday.

                                    c. Entertainment

    - Treasurer updated members on status of band mentioned at previous Board meeting: they would require $300, and an additional $100 if they had to bring their own sound equipment.

    - President’s decision was to pass on band.

                                    d. Theme?

- Karen inquired as to possibility of Cinco de Mayo or similar theme.

                                    e. Additional Information

    - Marcie asked about size of budget for this event; President responded that it would be not be large, as this has historically been a small, informal event.

- It was asked where the event was held last year; President responded that it had been held in the Student Services Center, that roughly 30 people had attended, and that it had concluded at 9:00PM.

- Marcie agreed to volunteer to assist with planning; President advised her to contact Simi Singh and Pam Scott, who are also members of the Social Committee.


                        3. Beach BBQ

                                    a. Date

    - Day and time for the event still needs to be selected, with April 12th a tentative selection.

                                        - President indicated a Saturday was preferred.

                                    b. Location

                                        - Magic Island appears to be the general consensus at this time.


                        4. St. Patrick’s Day Event

- Planning thus far hints towards a Happy Hour get-together at an Irish Bar; hammering out of details is still needed.

- Karen also suggested an “Ides of March” event as an alternative to St. Patrick’s Day.



            B. Professional Committee (Eric)

                        1. Chair Position Open

- President reported that the previous chair of the Professional Committee had to step down from the position.

- Sarah Myhre may take over, but for the time being the position is open.


                        2. PowerPoint Workshop / Presentation

a. Clarification of Event

    - It was reported that Dave Brier and Vicky Lebbin are open to the idea of giving a repeat of the presentation on PowerPoint they gave last semester.

b. Date / Time

- President informed Board that a date for the presentation is needed.

- Karen inquired as to the presentation’s length; Treasurer responded that it takes roughly one hour.

- Board is currently considering a Thursday, from noon to 1:00PM, with a time frame of within the next two weeks.

                                    c. Format

- President stated that presentation could be held in brownbag style.


                        3. Professional Brownbag

- Organization is looking into the possibility of hosting brownbag events with professionals from academic and school fields.

- President informed Board that this is being headed by Sarah and Frans, but that additional volunteers would be needed.



            C. Fundraising Committee (Karen)

                        1. Mugs

- An ad has been placed in the recently published issue of the Basement Blotter, and individual sales are to continue.

- A process of promoting mugs to librarians is also in the planning stages.

- Dr. Wertheimer recommended planning or looking for an event were ALA-SC would be able to sell to great numbers of people at once.

- President asked if would be acceptable to use a photo of Dr. Roy, ALA President, holding one of the mugs for promotional purposes; Dr. Wertheimer responded in the affirmative.


                        2. Additional Plans / Events?

- Chair reported that nothing else is being planned by the Fundraising Committee at this time.



            D. Service Committee (Jennifer)

1. Treat Street

- It was reported that Committee is still checking on the possibility of ALA-SC’s involvement with Bishop Museum’s Halloween Treat Street.


                        2. Additional Service events

- No other plans for Service projects are in the works at this time; Chair indicated that Service Committee may be fairly dormant this semester.



            E. Basement Blotter (Karen)

1. Newest Issue

- An electronic file of the latest edition of the Blotter has been sent out; hard copies will be provided at Bilger and outside the LIS office in the POST building.


                        2. Next Issue

- Karen reported that she would be meeting with Andrew Weiss regarding the next issue, and that it is expected to be available on April 1st.


                        3. Ideas for Upcoming Issues

- Karen notified Board that the Blotter committee is open to suggestions for themes for future issues.



            F. ALA-SC Website (Eric)

1. Template

- President informed Board of the recent production of a template for redesigning the website.

            - Template will be submitted to Pam Scott and Alice Tran.


                        2. Updating Mini-Retreat

- Karen suggested holding a mini-retreat for the purpose of discussion on updating the ALA-SC website.


Update: Since this meeting, the notion of a retreat has been approved, and the President has sent out an e-mail to Board and Committee members asking for days and times that they would be available to meet.



IV. New Business (Eric)


            A. Elections

                        1. Volunteers?

- Dr. Wertheimer asked if any ALA-SC present at the Board meeting would be interested in running for office for next year.

                                    - Jennifer and Karen both expressed an interest in running.

- Marcie asked how many LIS students are part of ALA-SC; President responded that there are currently roughly 30 members.


                        2. Nominations

- President stated he would send out an e-mail requesting nominations for officer positions, with a notice of a two-week deadline in which to submit.


B. Next meeting

                        1. Date / Time

            - The next meeting is planned for Monday, April 7th, at 3:00PM.


                        2. Topics of Discussion

- Vote for the recipient of the Vann Award.

- Welcome new Executive Board members.


3. Last Meeting?

- President asked Board if the next meeting should be the last one for this academic year, or if two more meetings should be held.

- Decision appears to depend on whether the next meeting finalizes the issue of the next set of Executive officers.

- Secretary responded that, if all matters of the election can be concluded by the April 7th meeting, then it should suffice as a last meeting; if not, then one more meeting after April 7th would be in order.

- Karen responded in favor of two more meetings.































Meeting adjourned at 3:52 PM

Minutes submitted by Kale Kingsbury, Secretary