Meeting Minutes

University of Hawaii at Manoa

American Library Association, Student Chapter

Executive Board and Committee Chairs Meeting

September 13, 2008

4:00 PM, LIS Conference Room

In Attendance:  Jennifer Crowther, Karen Brown, Amanda Hahn, Dr. Andrew Wertheimer, Simi Singh, Stacy Naipo

I.  Approval of Minutes

                - There were no issues with the previous minutes.

II.  Officer's Reports

                A.  President's Report (Karen)

                                - Karen welcomed everyone.

                B.  Vice-President's Report (Amanda)

                                - The RIO renewal paperwork needed to be signed; it was passed around and signed.

                C.  Treasurer's Report (Jennifer)

                                - Jennifer received a binder with old ALA-sc financial information.

                D.  Secretary's Report (Kale)

                                - Kale was unable to attend this meeting.

III.  Committee Reports                                                        

 - Karen remarked that since it was the beginning of year and a lot of students had graduated, there were a lot of committee chairs empty.

                A.  Social Committee (Simi, Marcy, Pam)

                                1.  There will be a Happy Hour at Bale on September 18 from 3:30 to 5 pm; ALA-sc will provide appetizers; this is in replacement of the usual ice cream social.

                                2.  ALA-sc generally has a Halloween party; the group decided the day after Halloween would be a good day to have a party; conditional on interest and manpower.

                                3.  Beach BBQ planned for spring.

                                4.  Ice cream social may replace the second Bale Happy Hour in the spring.

                B.  Professional Committee

                - Karen suggested doing a conference workshop about the how's and why's like a previous workshop with Dr. Wertheimer and Dr. Gazan; the group agreed this is a good idea.

                - Karen suggested that ALA-sc sponsor a brownbag from Dean Miles, who made a film focusing on African-Americans living in Hawaii; this will happen on October 22 from 11-12:30 in Bilger 319; Dr. Wertheimer suggested that the group should invite alumni and librarians.  A flyer should be made.

                - Dr. Wertheimer suggested ALA-sc sponsor a brownbag on the Los Angeles County Public Library on October 27 from 4-4:45 in the ICS conference room; it will be presented by a recruiter from that system.

                - ALA-sc had planned to offer a brownbag by Dr. Wertheimer and Dr. Asato talking about their research on the anime "Library Wars"; however due to other brownbags it will probably happen in spring.

                C.  Fundraising Committee (Karen)

                - Karen remarked that mugs are still being sold, but several librarians have expressed concern as to whether BPA is included in the plastic.

                - Dr. Wertheimer suggested ALA-sc gives mugs to the accreditation committee.

                D.  Service Committee

                - No chair; Jen will be in the committee.

                - Talk about participating in the Friends of the Library Book Sale next summer.

                E.  Basement Blotter (Karen)

                - Five students are interested in writing for the Blotter.

                F.  Website

                - Amanda remarked that she had sent a couple notes on things that needed to be changed to Pam.

                - Amanda wondered who was in charge of the ALA-sc Google Calendar account; no one is sure of the answer, so she will investigate.

IV.  New Business

                - Faculty representative needed. Kale has been ALA-sc faculty rep in past and if doesn’t want to continue, Amanda will attend faculty meetings.

                - Karen brought up various times to have meetings; the group settled on the next meeting as Wednesday, October 1, from 11 to 11:45.

Meeting adjourned at 4:45 PM. 

Minutes submitted by Amanda Hahn, Vice-President.